Senior Portraits..

Senior Portraits at Kim Bova Photography- still time to get outside and photograph this fall!

High School Seniors!

I know most High School Seniors have had their photos taken for the yearbook – but how about the photos that really portray YOU! Check out the senior buddy shoot I did for these girls-

Portraits are special – especially your own children!

I finally had the opportunity to have a Senior Portrait session with my own son this past weekend.  He graduated this spring from High School and is a freshman at UConn this fall. We intended to do a Senior Portrait well before this, but, as you know –  life gets busy… photographing so many other people…I finally cleared some space at the last minute. I cannot believe my son is moving out and going to college already.   I loved making these portraits with him – he is an amazing young man and these images will help me hold my time with him close to my heart.   I am available for portraits of your children or seniors while the weather is still beautiful.  Call today and make an appointment for a complementary consultation to discuss your child’s portrait. Here are some of my favorite images of my son.  (There are so many I will be making a book!)  He plays guitar and writes music for his band ‘Yildun’.  He is very proud of his hair, it has taken a long time to grow.  He will be a philosophy major at UConn this year!  Yes, he is a thinker and very […]

Love those Beach Portraits

Feeling very lucky with the weather on Cape Cod!  What a week!  We combined family vacationing with beach portraits this year and it worked out well.  I could use that backdrop all year round!  Thank you to my husband Peter who acted as my assistant for the first time!  He did a great job, especially entertaining the kids while I got ready to shoot. This beach is my favorite National Seashore Beach, Newcomb Hollow.  We have been going there every summer for the past five years.  This beautiful family from Connecticut is a family I have photographed before in Connecticut, and as it turned out, they spend a great deal of time on the Cape, too.  So we met up at the beach and had a great time making portraits and goofing around.  If you spend time at a beach or at Cape Cod, let me know and next year – you could have beach portraits, too!

Model Search!

What fun I had today with my new friend Julia! Here are my favorites from todays session.  Hope you like them, too!

Portrait of UConn Pianist

Meet Sarah Masterson.  She is a beautiful and talented graduate student of piano performance at the University of Connecticut. She recently came to me for her professional portrait.  Here is one of my favorites as she sat at the piano.  Good thing I have one in my studio!

Professional Portraits

Here are some sample images from a professional portrait session I did last week.  ACT Associates of Storrs, CT asked me to create some professional portraits for their new business webpage. Here are my favorites. I would be happy to update your company portraits.  Call today for your free consultation.

Connecticut Towns – Great for Photography

PhotoJourneys:  Where will they take you?  Come with me to Stonington Borough. A jewel of a town right here in Connecticut.  The photo above was taken there recently.

The Man and the Molecule

I love making my portraits unique and one of a kind.  Every individual who walks into my studio is unique and I feel it is my job to learn something about my clients that is special in order to make their portrait reflect who they are. Jim Knox, Professor Emeritus, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Connecticut Storrs, is one individual who came to me recently for a portrait/headshot.  He discovered a molecule.  That is what you see in the background of his portrait.  I think the molecule is beautiful.  It is my understanding that it is the molecule that is resistant to penicillin.  I took a photograph of the image that he made of his molecule and used it as a background.   I don’t know about you, but I have never met anyone who has a molecule named after them!  Anyway, it it very important and impressive work that he is doing. If you are interesting in Jim’s work, here is a link to his UConn website.

Boys to Men

I am amazed to find that my boys are turning into men.Another reason to take time and enjoy every moment we can. Pay attention and treasure what is right in front us.Time can move very fast, children grow up fast. I am glad to have been documenting my childrens growth in photographs. Here is my youngest – Matt.He helped me out right before a portrait shoot yesterday when I needed to test my lighting pattern. I love this image… I’ll track down his big brother Dave soon and get a shot of him too! Speaking of photographing children – I am offering a class for serious amateurs and hobbyists. If any of you are interested, shoot me an email and I will send the info to you. It will be held on April 19th. You must have a Digital SLR camera that can be used in manual mode. Thanks. Kim