Feel the Love Portrait Special

Feeling the winter blues?  I am very excited to offer my Feel the Love Portrait Special this February only. It is a perfect time of year for some fun in the studio to create some wonderful memories with the ones you love. Call today to reserve your spot!

Natural Light Senior Portraits – Some Tips

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for checking my blog.  It is January and it is pretty cold out there now.  The last couple of months were great for shooting natural light portraits out of doors.  Now, it is really too cold… but would love to do some more snow portraits if anyone is game!

Family Portrait 2014.

What happens when a professional photographer attempts to create a family portrait of her own family? Each year I struggle with creating my own family portrait.  First, I have to remember to do it because I get busy this time of year photographing other families on Thanksgiving weekend.  Second, I have to round up my family, put the camera on a tripod and use the trusty self-timer, which means I run like mad to get into the photo with the rest of the family.  It takes time, and also, the expressions on our faces are ones of worry (will she make it back in time?) or exasperation (this is taking too long!) etc. etc. So this year, my sons roommate from college came to spend Thanksgiving with us.  We asked him to actually hit the shutter release once I set it all up, while the camera stayed on the tripod. Here is what happened. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me for your family portrait, I promise not to let you slip on the ice, but we can have some fun!  

Perseverance – or why you should not give up on yourself.

Perseverance. Definition: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It pays to practice perseverance and never give up on yourself.  I learned that last week.  The Connecticut Professional Photographers Association, which I am a member of, is an association of professional photographers who support each other in moving forward in skill and business.  Print competition plays a large roll in this and I have entered many times, but have never received any awards.  It is difficult, as each print is judged to the highest standards, plus, judged by other Master Photographers.  With enough award winning prints, a pro photographer can work toward and achieve Master Photographer status.  I gave up this summer on any chance that I could win any awards as I never placed in competition and the judges always found something ‘wrong’ with my work.  I just gave up.  I decided I would just stop worrying about obtaining Master Photographer.  Really.  I decided that I would not put any more attention on it and I would just shoot my best for my clients and stop stressing over this.  And a funny thing happened.  I started to have fun and ‘play’ behind the camera.  Imagine […]

Creativity – a few thoughts.

Creativity is something that amazes me.  Where does it come from, what is it – do we all possess it?  I am a photographer, but spent years being a musician.  These are creative pursuits and I never really thought much about how creativity worked.  It just was.  We all create tons of stuff every day, every hour, maybe non stop! One thing is sure in my mind,  it is not a button that I can turn on and off.  Except, sometimes it does feel like the switch is off.  What happens then?  Especially under stress, pressure or when just too tired to care, can you turn it on again?  Perhaps it is a state of being and creativity comes when you listen to yourself.  If that is the case, maybe we should listen more of the time, especially if our job demands it.  What about that voice in your head that says “But it won’t be good enough” or, “I don’t have time” or,  “They won’t like it”.  Arg – real creativity killer!  Giving up is not a good thing for creativity. When I “TRY” to be creative… I am not.  I cannot force it.  Creativity comes to me  many times […]