Engagement at Knowlton Farm 10-10-10

I can’t wait for Melanie and Jeff’s wedding in April at Amarante’s Seacliff (New Haven).  But, Sunday, 10-10-10, we had a totally awesome  engagement photo session at Knowlton Hill Farm right down the road from my studio!  Melanie nearly fell off the hay truck, then was sneezed on by a cow!  And, Jeff found the car of his dreams in the barn! What an adventure!  Take a look at how great these guys look!  Here a some of my favorite images from the day.

Erika & Steve are getting ready for their wedding in Woodstock, CT!

Last week I had the honor of photographing Erika and Steven, both musicians and graduates from UConn!  What  a lovely couple they are!  They are getting married in Woodstock, CT at the ‘Pink House’, also known historically as the Roseland Cottage.  Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.

The Engagement of Amy and John

It was a brilliant day out at Case Mountain in Manchester, where I met my new friends Amy and John for an engagement session last weekend!  We made some great images and got some great exercise too! I really like this shot… Amy and John are planning a backyard wedding at their home in Connecticut.  This is very popular these days to put together a cost effective event at home!  Stay tuned for the highlights at the end of June!

Regan and Jason to be married in May!

Regan and Jason are planning a May wedding at the Riverview!  This is one cool couple and I had a great time with them in downtown Hartford for their engagement session.  Here are some of my favorite images…. Stay tuned for the wedding highlights at the end of May!

Walking the Dog….

It was a great beach week, wasn’t it?  A real summer preview.  I had the pleasure of going to the beach with Ann-Marie and Chris, plus Kenzie, their dog.  They will be married the 1st of May and these are some of my favorite images from their engagement session.  Ann-Marie and Chris, you are a wonderful couple.  And Kenzie, a great little dog!  Thanks for sharing the day with me and I can’t wait until your wedding day!

Have some fun with your ‘Save the Date’ cards!

My wonderful clients, Pamela and Jason,  who are getting married this July, just sent me their ‘Save the Date’ card and it is great!  We had a cold day in December to shoot it, 20 degree weather!  But they don’t even look cold here, do they?   Great job and good fun!  So here it is as promised! I need to credit the graphic designer on this project!  Pam, leave it in a comment!  Thanks.

Cool idea for ‘Save the Date’ card!

Meet my new friends and clients, Pamela and Jason.  They drove all the way down from Massachusetts to meet me before the snow storm yesterday for a photo session in the freezing cold.   Why? We shot for their totally awesome ‘save the date’ card! The card will have a bunch of ‘paparazzi style’ images of them and maybe I will post the end product here.  In the mean time – here is one of my favorite images of them. Can you guess where we shot this?  Yes, in Connecticut; yes, just before the snow storm….humm

Newly Engaged Couples!

If you have not already, now is the time to begin the process of finding your wedding vendors.  You probably have a date, a reception and church picked out already if your wedding is coming up in 2010.  But now is definitely the time to get a professional wedding photographer.   We tend to book up for next season around the holidays and into the winter months.  So do not wait, start making appointments now to meet some photographers in your area if you have not already.  Educate your self by talking to professionals about what they do, how they do it, and look at their work and ask a lot of questions.  The photographer is the one wedding professional that will be spending the most time with you on your wedding day.  So you had better like them!  Also, don’t worry about price!  Just look, meet, educate yourself on who and what styles you like and then worry about who fits your budget.  It makes it easier to talk to photographers when they feel that you are not price shopping, but actually looking for someone who fits your personal style with their images.  You can do this initially online by […]

CT Bridal Event

I am looking forward to the 3rd annual Connecticut Bridal Event!  It will be held at the University of Connecticut this Sunday, Nov. 8, 2009.  Parking will be easy since it is at the beautiful Alumni Center.  Visit the website for directions, ticket reservations and all the exciting details! I will be there all day and will have a SHOW SPECIAL and discounts only for attendees! If you are a bride or groom to be, please don’t miss this show!  There will be lots of wedding professionals from the area and good information as you plan your wedding. SEE YOU THERE! Kim

Colby and Rich Engagement Shoot

Here are some highlights from Colby and Rich’s engagement shoot last weekend! We went over to Southford Falls State Park, in Southford, CT. Nice place to hike, picnic and enjoy the sound of a waterfall. Oh, and of course, make portraits! It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with Colby and Rich.   Two very sweet and special people.   Thank you, guys, for being so agreeable and for climbing all around those amazing waterfalls!  Can’t wait until the big day in September! Kim