Spring Flowers!

Spring flowers, Photography, Kim Bova Photography Spring flowers are finally blooming in NE Connecticut.  The sun is shining today, even though the temperature is still pretty cold.  This is a rare free Saturday for me and I just wanted to post a photo of these 'Happy Daffies' in my front yard before I go out and enjoy the sunshine.  Daffodils are my favorite spring flowering bulbs - such variety and so upbeat I can't help but smile when I see them.  What is your favorite spring flower?  Leave a comment below 🙂   Quick tip for my fellow gardeners - I now order my seeds exclusively from  Johnny's Seeds - great variety, organic choices and always get great results from them.  I just got my packet of seeds (quick shipping, too!) and hope to get the cool weather crops planted this weekend.  Bok Choi, snap peas, lettuce to name a few.  Enjoy your day and thank you for visiting my blog.  Please leave a comment so I know you were here.  

Colorful Fun Kids Portraits

Spring is here and I am offering COLORFUL FUN KIDS PORTRAITS to put some color in you life and to help you create a wonderful Mother’s or Father’s Day gift! I keep it fun, fast paced and capture the expressions and personality that parents love.  Click here to sign up now.
Fun Colorful Kids Portraits

Kids portraits by Kim Bova


Photographic Print Awards Won at CTPPA Convention

I am proud to say that my photographic prints won some awards this winter. I attend the Connecticut's Professional Photographers convention each year where Connecticut's professional photographers come together to inspire each other, share ideas and help everyone grow in many different ways. The Photographic Print Award Competition is a big part of this convention.
CT Engagement Session, Photographic Print Awards, Kim Bova Photography

'New England Love Story' with Amanda and Tysen


How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer for You.

So you just got engaged and you have your venue and wedding date set. Congratulations! Now it is time to find a Photographer. Read on for 3 simple steps on how to find the best wedding photographer for you.
3 steps to find the best wedding photographer for you, Kim Bova Photography

Image by Kim Bova


Photographing Pretty Details – That’s why I am a Wedding Photographer!

I love photographing pretty details at a wedding, the rings, shoes, jewelry.  It is part of my job as a wedding photographer to do this and do it well.  My clients put a lot of time and thought into the details.   So on these cold snowy winter days, I find time to practice these things.  This is the wedding photographers time to regroup and plan for the coming season.
Photographing Pretty Details, CT Wedding Photographer Kim Bova

Our precious 'Uninhabited Planet' by Josh Simpson.


Feel the Love Portrait Special

Feel the Love Portrait Specail this February at Kim Bova Photography Studio in Mansfield Center, CT

Feel the love portrait special from Kim Bova Photography

Feeling the winter blues?  I am very excited to offer my Feel the Love Portrait Special this February only. It is a perfect time of year for some fun in the studio to create some wonderful memories with the ones you love. Call today to reserve your spot!

Natural Light Senior Portraits – Some Tips

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for checking my blog.  It is January and it is pretty cold out there now.  The last couple of months were great for shooting natural light portraits out of doors.  Now, it is really too cold... but would love to do some more snow portraits if anyone is game!
Kim Bova Photography, Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Here is an example of 'flat lighting' where the light is coming straight on into the face, so the face looks flatter, meaning, no heavy shadows but the face and eyes are well lit. You can see here a shadow under the nose but no real shaping of the facial features. This is very much like 'beauty lighting' that one could create with studio strobes. The light was bouncing in off the grey-ish weathered barn siding right behind me (camera position), and the sky above the barn was open and bringing light in on my subject. Soft diffused lighting from late afternoon light in the shade.