High School Senior Fall Portrait.

  Kim Bova Photography This high school senior fall portrait was so much fun!  The weather could not have been more spectacular and this autumn is proving to be a wonderful one.  If you want cool natural backgrounds and look your best, then call me! My sessions are photo safari's - we pack the car with your favorite clothes and head out for the best light of the day. I keep it fun and fast moving.  Here are a few of my favorites from Madi's Senior Session from Ellington High School in CT.  My best tips for your HS Senior photography is to be yourself and have a great time. Kim Bova Photography, HS Seniors Ellington CT Senior Portraits-3 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-4 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-5 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-6 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-7

High School Senior Portrait Ideas For Hot Summer Sessions

High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions. Best Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions, Ellingon High, Ellington CT, Kim Bova Photography


High School Senior Portraits usually happen in the summer after JUNIOR year.  It can be really hot and this Senior above from Ellington High School in Ellington, CT  really had the hottest day of all.   Allie is a wonderful young lady that I had the honor of spending a couple of hours with on our senior safari session.  She looks as cool as can be, even in her favorite boots.  We kept to the shade of the beautiful Library in town and we did some head shots in my studio.  Allie is an aspiring writer and also interested in law.  What a powerhouse she will be!  I can see it in her already can't you?  Take a look and if you are a High School Junior (Rising Senior) check out my Senior Portrait page and come in for a complimentary meeting to discuss your senior portrait options for next summer, or apply to be a Senior Model with perks right now!  Call me today.  Thanks. High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions, Kim Bova Photography

Gratitude – Notes from a Wedding Photographer.

Gratitude.  How often do we all practice it?  I realize I don't practice it enough.  What is enough is a personal thing, so I have decided that a daily practice would be awesome for me.  When I do this, it changes things.  I tend to forget when my attention is consumed during a busy day, but I am working toward a daily habit of gratitude. Wedding by Kim Bova Photography Wedding photography has become my business since Peter and I have been married, and as I meet with engaged couples, it triggers the memory of how exciting it was during our engagement to be planning a life together.  Today, it happens to be my own wedding anniversary, so I took time to pause and say thank you to, and thank you for my wonderful husband and the life we have created together.  So, the point, you ask?  To me, practicing gratitude seems to put things into new perspectives.  Life is what it is.  Take the good, the bad and all of it seems to be there for a purpose.  Being grateful for ALL of it, can be a way to view it in a perspective that is helpful.  Realizing how good our lives are (even if there is something you would not like to be experiencing, or dealing with right now), looking at it with gratitude allows a new perspective to appear.  It might shine light on what is 'really' happening, or something that you are supposed to learn.  The benefit?  If there is something you don't like, figure out how you can change it.  I do believe practicing Gratitude can change your life. Peter and I have been married 32 years and the vision we had on our wedding day really has not changed that much.  We have had so many incredible adventures together.  We never thought we would live in New York, California, Louisiana and Connecticut, but we knew we wanted each other, amazing friends, to raise a happy family and also find passion in our work.  Yes, we had our difficulties and struggles, but I am grateful for those struggles, too, because it has made us learn, become better people, create a solid marriage and has given us life lessons to pass on to our sons. I meet with wedding couples on a regular basis and photograph weddings and engagement sessions.  I think about what an incredible life these couples have ahead of them.  The adventure is all about growing together and growing as individuals at the same time.  It is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, hard work and serendipity!  Dream big and enjoy the ride. If your are interested in reading more about how Gratitude can change your life, even in one minute a day, I highly recommend this post from "Zen Habits- read this! Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.  

Engagement Session: Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI

Looking for a great spot for your engagement session?  Check out the Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.  I had the pleasure of photographing Stephanie and Adam's engagement there last week.  What a beautiful spot and it is open to the public.  There are rocky seaside perches, a sandy beach, a cute little lighthouse and more.   We had a blast there and the weather was perfect. Congratulations to Stephanie and Adam who will be married next June in New Haven at Amarante's Seacliff, another pretty waterside venue!  Adam loves to sail and Stephanie loves to be by the sea.  It was important to them to have their engagement session and next year, their wedding, by the sea. Here are a few of my favorite images from our session.
Engagement session, Kim Bova Photography

On the beach at the Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, Kim Bova Photography

A quiet moment in the woods overlooking the rocky shoreline.

Weddings & Engagment photos, Kim Bova Photography
Engagement sessions, Kim Bova Photography

Beautiful light!

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI , Kim Bova Photography
Engagement Session, Kim Bova Photography

Watching the sailboats in the bay near the Lighthouse, Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI, Kim Bova Photography

Hey, this would make a great 'Vans' advertisement!

Castle Hill Inn, Newport RI, Engagement Session with Kim Bova Photography

Just taking it all in.

Engagment Sessions, Kim Bova Photography

Sunset views at the Lighthouse.

Family Portraits: Why It Might Be the Best Gift You Give Yourself.

Family Portraits: Why It Might Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself - AND your family.

Family Portraits, Kim Bova Photography Here are some reasons. 1) Create a photographic family history in print. This is valuable for kids to see themselves in photos, and to look back to see grandparents and others that are not here anymore.  Family portraits give them a sense of where they came from.  Even if you have not made many family portraits of yourselves, it is never too late.  Your kids will thank you for it and probably will continue to document their lives for future generations.  I love looking at old photos of my grandfather -  he died when I was five year old.  I remember the feeling of sitting next to him and combing his hair, but I know the memory of his face faded as I grew.  As I grew up, I could look at the photographs of him to remember and now, showing them to my children is priceless!  I will never forget what he looked like and my kids see where I came from. Family Portraits, Kim Bova Photography   2) You will have beautiful family portraits on the walls of your home to enjoy for years to come. If you have kids you know they grow fast and leave home before you know it.  The best thing I did when both my boys graduated from High School and left home was to photograph them senior year, then print and frame large photos of them for our walls.   It felt great to see these prints when the boys were far away for the first time!  One family print framed on your wall will do the same thing.  (I have one on my wall too, and I love it!)   3) You will never look as good as you do right now. We all wish we could look as good as we did when we were 25.  But we don't and you need not let let that stop you from making a family portrait - you won't regret it.   4) At Holiday time, your cards are done already, plus you have gifts for family. Less stress is what we all want.  You will have less to worry about at the most stressful time of year.
Mother's & Father's Day Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

Grandfather with granddaughter. This family will appreciate this print for a long time!

I hope this will inspire you to find a professional photographer to make family portraits this summer.  I hope you will choose me, but if not, please choose a professional who will help you feel comfortable, and simply make it happen!  You won't be sorry you did but, you may feel sorry years from now IF you don't. Remember, a family portrait this summer might be the best gift you can give yourself and your family. Stay tuned for my next blog post that talks about the way I photograph families with kids. Thanks for reading my blog today.  Please share this if you know someone who would enjoy it.  Have a great day.

Choosing your wedding dress.

Choosing your wedding dress is such an exciting part of the wedding planning.  These days, there is room for individuality depending on your culture, taste and the style of your wedding day plans. Wedding dresses are based on traditions, culture and current trends.  If you took a look at the history of the wedding dress  you will see that white was not always the choice.  It was not until Queen Victoria in the 19th Century that a white wedding dress became popular.  Before that, bride chose a dress that was her best Sunday dress, or something that showed off their family standing.  Eastern Brides chose red! I have noticed that lately, most of my brides choose white, however, I did do a wedding many years ago  for another studio where the bride wore a crimson gown.  It was pretty cool!  Mixing up styles like boots of a different color, grooms losing the jacket and wearing a cool vest and tie have been a trend, more hip and unique. I have not seen a red wedding dress lately... and mostly traditional ones worn by my brides.  Here are some of my favorites from the last few years!
Kim Bova Photography, Wedding Dress

A simple style for a summer backyard wedding!  I loved this design, plus the shoes coordinate with groom.

Wedding Dress, Kim Bova Photography

Ruffles and beads!

Wedding Dress, Kim Bova Photography

Traditional Elegance.

I wore a Victorian White for my wedding.. that is actually an undergarment made lace and sometimes satin.  I had it restored and a seamstress made a lovely satin slip that I wore under it.. Those were film days for my wedding so I don't have photo to share of it here.  I took a look at it last year in its box, it has not deteriorated yet!  But I dared not try it on.  Maybe I will some day.  I have two boys, not much hope that anyone else will use it.  It was sure fun to wear though for a August outdoor garden wedding. I hope you enjoyed this post... and do share what you might be thinking of for your wedding dress! Here are some links to great dress shops in CT!

Baby Birds at My Door.

Baby Birds at my door!

All three are awake!

Baby Birds at my door - it all started early this spring with mom making the nest and raising her babies.  They are Eastern Phoebe's and apparently the top of the lamp next to our back door is a safe place to raise a family.  Well, who would have thought our coming and going in and out the door would not bother her or her babies.  I decided to grab some photos today before they leave the nest!  Mama bird was fairly tolerant of me getting extremely close with a macro lens.  However,  she did flutter like mad all around and over my head until I left.  I had to work quickly and  it only took a couple of minutes.  I made sure to set up and get my light reading and settings worked out before hand so I would not linger there for too long.  I was so excited that I could hardly focus at first!   There is nothing like being this close to a baby bird, and what a lovely experience to witness this amazing process from beginning to end. Do you have a spring nesting bird experience?  Do share!
Nesting Eastern Phoebe Mother

Close up of the most alert Phoebe chick!

Nesting Eastern Phoebe Mother, Kim Bova Photography

All cosy and tucked in tight.. just a few more days before they leave the nest!