You Just Got Engaged, Now What?

Congratulations, you just got engaged and now what?   This is an exciting time and -  your life just changed.

Now, that you are engaged, it is time to plan.  Here is the first thing to figure out - your budget. It will determine where and when are you will get married.  Eloping? Big wedding or small wedding? On the beach, mountain top, at the rose garden, big venue or small?  What month, season or time of day?  Now once you know what you can afford, have fun with it!  Get creative and remember to get help if you need it.  Ask friends who have just gone through this.  Talk to as some wedding vendors or planners in your area, the people who do this all year long for advice. Next, once you have found a venue and set a date, start looking for your photographer.  We photographers book up well in advance, from 6 months to a year or more before a wedding date.  So start looking at photographer websites and look for style, price, AND last but not least, experience.   Call and speak with the photographer and ask them how long they have been doing this, and other questions that you want answered.  Once you make a short list, follow your instincts and make appointments to meet in person, or Skype if you cannot meet up, so you can get a feel for whether or not you can work together. Here are a few photos from one of my favorite venues in CT.  Julie and Chris were married here last August.  Good luck on your wedding planning! Tyrone Farm - Pomfret, CT.
Engaged, CT Wedding Photography, Kim Bova Photography

We did the engagement shoot there and the wedding! The reception barn is in the background.

Tyrone Farm, Pomfret, CT Wedding

In the beautiful farmhouse where we took this bridal portrait

Best CT Wedding Photography

One a a couple of ceremony sites, this one overlooking the NE CT countryside.

Reception in the Barn

Reception in the Barn

Table Decor   Click HERE to see more engagement photos of Julie & Chris.        

Great Portrait Locations

Great Locations for Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

Look for a great background

Great portrait locations.

Great portrait locations are everywhere, depending on what kind of portraits you are creating and what your are looking for.  Light rules.  If the light is awful, find another location.  Every town or city has great portrait locations,  it is just a matter of finding places that provide backgrounds that are not too busy and don't overwhelm the subject(s) and you need to know the time of day when the light will be perfect.  High noon is not great, ends of days are.  (note: I have photographed many noontime weddings, where I use flash, or decide to blow out backgrounds if I have to to capture good portraits or action at high noon.  This article speaks to the ideal light for portraits only) This example above was literally a pretty bush by the side of the road!  I loved the colors against her neutral clothing, and the woods behind her were not distracting.  The most important thing was that the sky was wide open (no big trees) at an angle slightly to the side and in front of her so I could use it to light her face.  It was late afternoon warm light with the sun backlighting the trees behind her which was beautiful in my 200 mm lens.  I used a reflector on one side to fill in some shadows and pop some highlights in her eyes. If you were able to see the area and roadside where this portrait was taken,  you would probably not think it would be a great portrait location. (Too bad I did not think to photograph this area alone, but will make a mental note next time I run into this situation.)  While I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing and being really excited about what I was seeing through the lens, her mom could not figure out what was so great about this bush by the side of the road.  It turned out to be one of their favorite photos. Next, there are the wide open expanses of water, fields or cityscapes.   These make great backgrounds and locations too.  This photo was from an engagement session at Castle Hill Inn in Newport, RI.  Another great portrait location.  We found soft evening light, side lit on their faces for dimension, the background of water was not busy and set off the couple beautifully and the land across the bay holds it all together.  Plus, I always love shooting through wildflowers!  This was a great portrait location that we had planned together because they love the sea.
Great Locations for Portraits, Engagement Session, Kim Bova Photography

Watching the sailboats in the bay at Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

The take away here is that there are great locations everywhere.  Most professional photographers know how to read the light and know where to go in their area for great portraits. I have many spots for different times of the year that I know are great near me.  Old Barns, fields, stonewalls and beaches.  It is a fun job to have.

If you are thinking of creating an outdoor portrait of yourself, family or high school senior, contact me and we can discuss some great locations for you!

A New Look for 2016

Finally after 6 months of renovations here at Kim Bova Photography, my home, office and studio space has a new look for 2016!  It has been a mix of many emotions:  stressful, exciting, cleansing, frustrating, but overall an exhilarating experience to recreate our home and work space.  We bought this home as a fixer upper 20 years ago, raised two kids here, started a business, but never took the time or money to fix it up.  Now, I am so pleased how it came out and I share a couple of images here. I haven't decided where photos will hang, but want to be sure of what I want before I start making holes in newly painted walls!  I just love the colors and did you know how much I love black and white tile floors?  It reminds me of my days living in NYC!
Kim Bova Photography, Portraits & Weddings

My New Office Space, loving the new cabinet space to put everything away! We knocked down walls to transform my office into an larger light filled space.

Kim Bova Photography

The Renovation of the 0utside.  We feel warm and cosy inside with new windows and siding.

The carpenters just finished the siding in between snowstorms and I am looking forward to new new grass and a new look in the front garden. I had to photograph everything on location over the last 6 months and I am very happy to be able to meet clients here again and shoot freely in the studio.  Give me a call and come in to see the my new look for 2016! Thanks for stopping by my blog.  🙂  Please leave me a comment.

High School Senior Photography Ideas

High School Senior Photography Ideas start with who you are.  Knowing what you like and want to capture in photographs is the most important part.  If you have a photographer in mind, meet with them and find out if you "click" so that you feel comfortable being yourself and you feel they understand what you are looking for.  Be prepared to share your interests, hobbies, style and passions. I feel that being a high school senior is an exciting time when you are about to launch into the world and those changes that will take place in the next few years will leave behind who you are now.  It is a great moment so capture it in photos! Here is an example of a photo session I did this fall with a high school senior from Ellington, CT.  We did some urban and country settings for her shoot and included her talent as a basketball player as well.  Take a look and check back soon as I have other high school senior shoots from this year to share with you!
Kim Bova Photography

Stone buildings reflect light in a beautiful way that is very flattering.

Kim Bova Photography

Talents and Interests are great to capture.

Fields and sunlight highlight this seniors love of nature.
Kim Bova Photography

I love showing of the individual style of my seniors in natural way.

Natural Style in High School Senior PhotographyNatural Style in High School Senior Photography

High School Senior Fall Portrait.

  Kim Bova Photography This high school senior fall portrait was so much fun!  The weather could not have been more spectacular and this autumn is proving to be a wonderful one.  If you want cool natural backgrounds and look your best, then call me! My sessions are photo safari's - we pack the car with your favorite clothes and head out for the best light of the day. I keep it fun and fast moving.  Here are a few of my favorites from Madi's Senior Session from Ellington High School in CT.  My best tips for your HS Senior photography is to be yourself and have a great time. Kim Bova Photography, HS Seniors Ellington CT Senior Portraits-3 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-4 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-5 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-6 Ellington CT Senior Portraits-7

High School Senior Portrait Ideas For Hot Summer Sessions

High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions. Best Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions, Ellingon High, Ellington CT, Kim Bova Photography


High School Senior Portraits usually happen in the summer after JUNIOR year.  It can be really hot and this Senior above from Ellington High School in Ellington, CT  really had the hottest day of all.   Allie is a wonderful young lady that I had the honor of spending a couple of hours with on our senior safari session.  She looks as cool as can be, even in her favorite boots.  We kept to the shade of the beautiful Library in town and we did some head shots in my studio.  Allie is an aspiring writer and also interested in law.  What a powerhouse she will be!  I can see it in her already can't you?  Take a look and if you are a High School Junior (Rising Senior) check out my Senior Portrait page and come in for a complimentary meeting to discuss your senior portrait options for next summer, or apply to be a Senior Model with perks right now!  Call me today.  Thanks. High School Senior Portrait Ideas for hot summer sessions, Kim Bova Photography

Gratitude – Notes from a Wedding Photographer.

Gratitude.  How often do we all practice it?  I realize I don't practice it enough.  What is enough is a personal thing, so I have decided that a daily practice would be awesome for me.  When I do this, it changes things.  I tend to forget when my attention is consumed during a busy day, but I am working toward a daily habit of gratitude. Wedding by Kim Bova Photography Wedding photography has become my business since Peter and I have been married, and as I meet with engaged couples, it triggers the memory of how exciting it was during our engagement to be planning a life together.  Today, it happens to be my own wedding anniversary, so I took time to pause and say thank you to, and thank you for my wonderful husband and the life we have created together.  So, the point, you ask?  To me, practicing gratitude seems to put things into new perspectives.  Life is what it is.  Take the good, the bad and all of it seems to be there for a purpose.  Being grateful for ALL of it, can be a way to view it in a perspective that is helpful.  Realizing how good our lives are (even if there is something you would not like to be experiencing, or dealing with right now), looking at it with gratitude allows a new perspective to appear.  It might shine light on what is 'really' happening, or something that you are supposed to learn.  The benefit?  If there is something you don't like, figure out how you can change it.  I do believe practicing Gratitude can change your life. Peter and I have been married 32 years and the vision we had on our wedding day really has not changed that much.  We have had so many incredible adventures together.  We never thought we would live in New York, California, Louisiana and Connecticut, but we knew we wanted each other, amazing friends, to raise a happy family and also find passion in our work.  Yes, we had our difficulties and struggles, but I am grateful for those struggles, too, because it has made us learn, become better people, create a solid marriage and has given us life lessons to pass on to our sons. I meet with wedding couples on a regular basis and photograph weddings and engagement sessions.  I think about what an incredible life these couples have ahead of them.  The adventure is all about growing together and growing as individuals at the same time.  It is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, hard work and serendipity!  Dream big and enjoy the ride. If your are interested in reading more about how Gratitude can change your life, even in one minute a day, I highly recommend this post from "Zen Habits- read this! Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.