Looking for a Great Caterer?

Looking for a caterer?  If so, for your next event or wedding, look no further!  One of my favorites is Matt Becker, of Becker's Catering, located in Tolland, CT.  Matt takes food seriously and is a fantastic chef, as well as a great person.  Yesterday at a wedding we both were working at, I got to try his Gluten Free Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip cookies for the first time.  Amazing.  You would never know they were gluten free.  The chocolate cupcakes melted in my mouth, the icing was creamy and dreamy.  The yellow cupcakes were just as perfect . The texture was no different to regularflour ones, but then again, I have been gluten free for 6 years,  I may not remember.  But I DO know how bad some gluten free cakes and cookies can taste.  I try to bake my own, but they never live up to the 'real' thing.    Becker's Catering is a fantastic choice, if Matt can create the best gluten free baked goods, imagine how good the rest of his food is!  Here is the link to his website.  And - here is a look at his scrumptious and beautiful cupcakes!
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GF Cupcake, Becker's Catering, Tolland, CT

Dynamic Headshots

Dynamic Headshots stand out from more traditional ones to show who you are and what you do.  I agree that we all need a straight forward headshot for certain sectors of business, but why not shake it up if you can and stand out from the crowd?  If you do not work in a corporate office, take advantage of that to show your unique business. I had a great time creating headshots with Mary Hurley of Sunshine-n-Daisies, a physical trainer and health coach here in Connecticut.  We did some standard shots and some for her website as well.  But this image below was one of our favorites because of the uniqueness and this dynamic headshot quality.  My goal is to help my clients grab the attention of potential clients, help them create an images for their business that reflect what they do and still be professional. I shot this dynamic image in my studio against a dark grey background ( ).  This is a 1 light portrait with a little fill from a reflector on the opposite side.  I wanted to light her profile and show her as her clients would probably see her as their physical Trainer! Let me know if you need to update your headshot or other photos on your website.  I would love to help you.  The process can be difficult without a professional to help you make your vision of you and your business come to life! Dynamic HeadShots, Kim Bova Photography, Best CT Headshots

Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding – Marie and Josh.

The Connecticut National Golf Club in Putnam, CT was the setting for the wedding reception of Marie and Josh yesterday.   What a beautiful day it was.  There was warm brilliant sun, then a few clouds and cool winds - but the day was joyous and fun.   Here is just a few photos from the day...MORE to come SOON.

Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

Marie with Mom and Dad, ready to go!

Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

In the beautiful Garden at The Connecticut National Golf Club.

Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding, Best Wedding Photographers in CT

The Guys at The Connecticut National Golf Club, Putnam CT

Wedding Photography CT, Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding

Beautiful spots on the Golf Course for photos!

Reception, Connecticut National Golf Club Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

First Dance!


Maternity Photography Session

Maternity Photography

I love it when my wedding clients call and ask about Maternity Photography.  I treat these sessions like a regular portrait session, except that I am more inclined to summon up some "fashion designer wanna be skills" to create something special like in this image below.   I created this dress on the spot by wrapping my subject in material I keep around to create a dreamy dress for her.  Meet Petra, one of my former wedding clients. Petra and husband Derrick are expecting in a couple of weeks!  Isn't Petra a beautiful mother to be?  I could not wait to share it with you.  Please feel free to leave your comments here, I would love to know what you think, too.
Maternity Photography Session

Maternity Session at Kim Bova Photography


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.

It is not too early to start thinking about Mother's Day Gift Ideas.  Mother's Day is on May 8th this year.  How about something personal and experiential?  Considered gifting Mom a Family Portrait?  You know she would love it, but probably won't have time to do the leg work.  It is easy - just call me and I will send you a gift card in an envelope for a special Mother's Day Family Portrait Session.

Here's the Deal-  Special $99 Session fee for Mother's Day (a 50% discount)

Purchase a Gift Certificate Card for Mom before May 1st.  That is a 50% savings on a full session fee.  You may schedule the session anytime between May and October 15th.   A 5x7 print of your choice is included. OR, if you would like to surprise Mom on Mother's Day with photos of your kids - please contact me ASAP to secure a session time before Mothers' Day at this same special price.   April vacation is a great time to sneak this in!  $99 session fee plus 5x7 print.  Call for more info - 860-230-8828. *All additional prints, wall art or books will be at regular pricing. Give a Family Portrait Gift Certificate for a future date this year. It could be spring, summer or fall!  She can choose. Mother's Day Gift Ideas  

Working From Home: My Ideas for Staying on Task

Working From Home: My Ideas for Staying on Task

Working from home as a professional photographer has had it's rewards for the past 10 years.  It is really practical and convenient since I am a very small business and I run most everything myself.  I love it - most of the time, however, there are times when working from home is not helpful and I can become less productive. That said, here are some ways to shake it up. Working from Home: 3 Steps to Greater Productivity

1- Get dressed for work.

This may seem obvious when working from home, but it was not for me.  If you spend most of your days working from home, it is very easy to just throw on your comfy jeans, a pair of slippers and get down to work.  Most days you may do fine, but, if you feel stuck or uninspired, try dressing up.  Wear what you would normally wear if you worked in pubic, or at least, what you might wear out to lunch with a friend.  This makes a huge difference for me.  I feel more awake, energized and professional.  This past Monday was a very blah morning for me.  So, I dressing up for work.  I went down to my office re-energized for the whole day. What a shift!  I highly recommend it.

2- Make a plan the night before.

When I do this, it really helps me stay on task.  I put the plan in my iCal and make alerts sounds to remind me.  Set a reasonable time-frame for each task, if you go over time, that is ok.  (The plan is in place and you can constantly check on or adjust your progress.)  I find that writing it down does not work that well for me, especially if I am in a groove editing photos, I tend to loose track of time (and pieces of paper).  Those little beeps from iCal help keep me on task.  Plus, all my apple mobile devices are synced so I get 3 beeps from my computer, iPad and iPhone.  Much harder to ignore.

3- Take small bites out of your tasks.

I love this!  Try spending a shorter time on each task and go to the next one, etc. etc.  It has helped me to get all my tasks done each day.  I don't get stuck in one thing and loose my energy.  I think the brain gets refreshed by a new job to do.   If you have a ton to do in one day, take a bite out of each one and keep rotating with a fresh start through all of them until you finish.  Even if you don't finish, the work has started on all your tasks.  You can even try to finish certain ones completely and know that you did start the others, so the next day you are not beginning from square one again.  This is big.  Try it! Hey, I just got a beep on all my devices telling me finish up with this blog post and start my last task of the day!  I better get on it!  🙂 Please share your helpful tips if you work from home- no matter what your line of work is. Here is another link to a HUBSPOT post if you are interested in more ways be productive working from home.      

Rising HS Seniors 2017!

Rising HS Seniors 2017!  Are you interested in saving money on your HS Senior Portraits? Perhaps you wonder what it feels like to be a model?  Or maybe you are not sure WHO to choose as your Senior Portrait photographer.  If you answered YES to any of the questions, keep reading... Since it is that time of year to update my marketing materials for the upcoming senior portrait season, I am looking for interested rising HS seniors 2017 (or juniors now), who love to be photographed and who would enjoy being a model and have a short portrait session with me for free.  This is a great opportunity for discounts on your 'real' Senior Session when the time comes (if you choose me as your Senior photographer) or if you are undecided on who you will choose to be your photographer - you can try me out!

Remember,  there is NO obligation to use me as your HS Senior Photographer.  You would be helping me me with fresh looks for my upcoming senior season.  So, come on in and join the fun!

Please call or text NOW for more info about this opportunity - 860-230-8828.  Don't wait as I plan to start photographing these sessions really soon in preparation for summer and fall Senior season.

HS Rising Seniors 2017, High School Senior Portraits

Come be a Senior Model at Kim Bova Photography