Connecticut Farm Wedding

I had the honor of photographing Crystal and Zack's Wedding a few weeks ago.  It was a fantastic sunny and warm day, perfect for a Connecticut Farm Wedding!  The day was full of family and close friends, yet an intimate and fun event that everyone enjoyed.  The farm setting was unique and lovely, even the bride's horse was right at home.  The kids had a blast running free all day and I think the adults had a really good time, too. A unique location like this has its challenges photographically because of the time of day, 12 noon, and open fields have no shade.  It really is the most difficult light of the day, however, I did not worry and found ways to make it work.  You see, the sun directly overhead makes it difficult to make light contour the face and body.  No light in the eyes, and people tend to squint more.  I had to make sure I used backlight and sidelight so everyone would look their best.  The shade of the big old tree, nature's alter/church, was perfect and a nice backdrop for the ceremony.  There was an orchard where we did some photos down by the barn where we had darker backgrounds and places to backlight the couple,  and we managed to find some shade at the corners of the property for some portraits as the day wore on. Oh, and how could I forget - the pig roast was amazing and tasty too!  They were up since 5 am that morning getting it ready.  Congratulations to Crystal and Zack and best wishes for a long happy life together.
Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography, Wedding Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Kim Bova Photography, CT Weddings, Connecticut Farm Wedding

The Bride and Her Horse.  I put my bride in the shade of her horse and back lit them both.

Kim Bova Photography, Connecticut Farm Wedding

The Flower Girl with a delicate touch!

Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

The Bride and her father, coming down the field to the alter under the tree.

Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

Exchanging Vows

Connecticut Farm Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

"We did it!"

Kim Bova Photography, Best CT Weddings

Wedding Rings

CT FARM WEDDING, CT Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

The very handsome couple!

Weddings in CT, Connecticut Farm Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

Down by the Barn.

Country Weddings, CT Farm Wedding, Grooms.

The Groom.

  Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography,
Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

The Flower Girl is Free at last!

Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography
Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

A quiet moment.

Kim Bova Photography, Pig Roast!

Pig Roast. Dinner is ready!

Father of the Bride, Kim Bova Photography

Father of the Bride.

Bride and Groom Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Connecticut Farm Weddings
Kim Bova Photography, Connecticut Farm Wedding

Kids always add fun to the party!

Connecticut Farm Wedding, Kim Bova Photography
Country Weddings,

It was a great day! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Mystic Seaport Wedding – Krisann & Tim

I had the honor of photographing this Mystic Seaport Wedding of Krisann & Tim.  What an awesome couple!  Krisann just happens to work at Mystic Seaport so she knew how wonderful it would be.  Plus she is so creative and talented that she made her own veil and arranged all the flowers bouquets and arrangements!  The ceremony took place in the Greenmanville Church and their reception was at Latitude 41 the restaurant right next door to the Seaport.  It was a lovely day for a wedding however very hot and humid, so we stuck close to the air-conditioned Latitude 41 and took photos around that area of the Seaport.  Here are some photos from the day.
CTWeddingPhotographer, Kim Bova Photography

A quiet moment as newly weds at Mystic Seaport.  This Bridal Gown is a 'Rosa Clara Soft'  from Ceremony in Boston.  They both looked amazing and the light was perfect to show off the dress- plus the veil that she made herself.

Mystic Seaport Wedding in CT, Kim Bova Photography

The brides shoes by Betsy Johnson with the brides handmade veil.

Bridal Bouquets, Kim Bova Photography

The Bridal Bouquet -  the Brides creation.

Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photographer

In the pretty dressing room at Latitude 41, Mystic, CT.  Krisann has a great sense of style!

Kim Bova Photography, CT Weddings

Adjusting the handmade veil... how many beads?  It was spectacular!

CT Brides, Wedding Dresses, Kim Bova Photography
latitude 41 weddings, Kim Bova Photography

The Groom and his Best Man - final adjustments in Latitude 41.  Bow Ties by Brackish Bow Ties (Charleston SC)

Mystic Seaport Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

Two very cute kids with important jobs carried out perfectly!  Flower Girl and Ring Bearer.

Mystic Seaport Weddings, CT Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

Our groom, Tim, gets a first look as his bride enters the Greenmanville Church at Mystic Seaport.

Mystic Seaport Wedding, CT WEDDINGS, Kim Bova Photography

Here comes the bride!

CT Weddings, Kim Bova Photography, Greenmanville Church, Mystic, CT
Mystic Seaport Museum Weddings, Mystic, CT; Kim Bova Photography

The "I DO's" in front of the amazing Sea Mural in the Greenmanville Church, Mystic, Seaport, CT

Formal Wedding Portraits, Small groups, Mystic Seaport Wedding, Kim Bova Photography

The whole wedding party.

Mystic Seaport Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

Some time alone for photos around the docks.

Mystic Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

Latitude 41 table setting with the brides own floral arrangements.

Mystic Seaport Weddings, Kim Bova Photography

First Dance at Latitude 41.

Wedding Cakes, Kim Bova Photography

This beautiful cake was created by 'Cakes By Donna'.

Formal Wedding Portrait, Kim Bova Photography, Mystic Seaport Weddings, Mystic, CT

A Formal Portrait in front of the little historic church in the Seaport.  Congratulations to Krisann and Tim!

Indianapolis – A beautiful city.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Indianapolis, IN.  I had no time to do any research or to develop any ideas of what the city was like before visiting.  I was very happily surprised at what I found to be a beautiful city - small and very easy to walk to everything.  There are beautiful monuments, old historic buildings and parks, tons of business and but places to relax outdoors with wonderful breweries and restaurants.  Here are a few photos that I was able to make while I working in Indianapolis for a few days.
Travel Photography, Indianapolis, IN, Kim Bova Photography

The center of Indianapolis! The Soldiers and Sailors War memorial. It reminds me of Europe. This was view from my hotel room. It's a long exposure to capture the car lights and give an idea of the street life at night. I never went up to the top but I hear there is a great view.

Indianapolis, IN, Travel Photography, Kim Bova Photography

An example of the historic architecture.

Indianapolis, IN

A view of the city skyline.

Indianapolis, IN-1

Lots of museums and a nice place to walk and enjoy the canal and adjoining park.

Indianapolis, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

Another view of the canal area, a place to chill. There was a band playing at one of the restaurants and lots of dancing and fun going on.

Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

A view of the Indiana World War Memorial.

Kim Bova Photography. Landscape, Travel Photography

A view from the top of the World War Memorial.

Indianapolis, IN, Kim Bova Photography, Horse and Buggy

Rides in carriages in the center of town at the Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial.

Kim Bova Photography, Indianapolis

Old and New juxtaposition. I found it so interesting.  This is the post office in the foreground.


Amarante’s Sea Cliff Wedding, New Haven, CT

Amarante's Sea Cliff Weddings are among my favorites to photograph.  Located in New Haven, Connecticut on the shoreline, it is a romantic, fun place to celebrate.  I have found that the staff treat every bride, groom and their families as if they were their own!  Peter Garceau and his staff do an amazing job. On June 11th, Amarante's Sea Cliff was at its best.  It had rained all morning, however, just in time for setting up chairs out on the lawn, the clouds parted and the day that Stephanie and Adam had dreamed of became a reality.  They could not have asked for more perfect timing.  I met the bride and her girls in the beautifully decorated dressing room upstairs.  There was champagne, laughter and anticipation.  Stephanie's father stopped by as soon as she was in her gown and we caught a beautiful moment as he saw her for the first time as a gorgeous bride!  Here are some highlights from Stephanie and Adam's special day. AmarantesSeacliff_Wedding-1
Wedding Bouquet, Kim Bova Photography, Best Wedding Photographers CT

Flowers by 'One Fine Day', Sarah Parlos - Floral Artist and Event Planner.

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AmarantesSeaCliff Wedding,

Wanda Chiles, Justice of the Peace.

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Wedding Cake Ideas, Kim Bova Photography, best CT Wedding Photographer,

Petonito's Pastry Shop created this beautiful Wedding Cake.

Wedding Details, CT Wedding Photographer,
First Dance, Amarante's Sea Cliff Wedding, New Haven, CT, Best Wedding Photographer

First Dance.

Wedding Reception Photos, Amarantes Sea Cliff Weddings , Kim Bova Photography

DJ Bill Mazzucco, of 'Local Motion Entertainment', threw a great party!  Congratulations to Steff and Adam.


An Amazing Love Story!

An amazing Love Story, Kim Bova Photography


We all adore love stories, don't we?  Here is an amazing one  -  a story of love found and lost, and found again. Two people who were meant to be together are now back together. This is Dawn and Dale, two extraordinary people who fell madly in love with each other when they were teens.  They lost each other in Nebraska, due to life circumstances in the days before cell phones and internet, but a few years ago, they found each other! They both had been married and divorced, but, they immediately realized that their true love was as strong as ever and happily they reunited here in Connecticut.  Now, they can spend the rest of their lives together. I had the honor of photographing their wedding at The Lake View Restaurant on Coventry Lake in Coventry, CT.  They were married in the company of close family and friends wearing their native american style clothing in a beautiful ceremony that honored their past and present.  They both have native american heritage in them, by the way.  It was an incredible day and now their amazing love story can continue.  I wish them all the best!
An Amazing Love Story, Kim Bova Photography

A portrait of Dawn's family. Dawn's dress was made in the Osage way by a Native American woman.  Her family has Osage blood from her mother's side. Dawns daughter is wearing authentic historical top hat and suit from London- quite fantastic outfits!


This Dale's neck piece, a white wolf head carved from buffalo bone by a tribe of Native Americans.  White Wolf is important to Dawn and Dale, they both saw him in dreams and meditative states over their years apart.  The other necklace was made by a woman of the Mi'kmaq tribe in Canada and given to Dale as a gift from Dawn.  It has a wolf claw on it that was harvested from wolves that died naturally.  The Mi'kmaq do not harm wolves.  Dale has Mi'kmaq blood in him.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Simply incredible cupcakes by Becker's Catering, Tolland, CT.  I hear everyone still is talking about them!

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Dale collected items from Nebraska for the wedding table, the last place they had been together long ago.  It contains buffalo hair gathered from buffalo that were shedding out in the Spring.  There is also buffalo and wolf hair in the basket that was gathered the same way - plus, rocks and other mementos from their farm they had been living on together back then.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Here is Dawn's bouquet made with feathers and buffalo hair.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Reading their vows in the company of family and friends.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Finally, husband and wife!

AN amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Congratulations to these two beautiful people!   Coventry Lake, CT


Horsebarn Hill, Storrs, CT

Horsebarn Hill.  One of my favorite places.  If you are a student, teach or live here in the area, you know this place.  This is an early morning shot taken from the road looking east at the Hill.  Fog was lifting and it was magical!  Enjoy.
 Horsebarn Hill, Storrs CT

Sunrise. Horsebarn Hill, Storrs, CT

Looking for a Great Caterer?

Looking for a caterer?  If so, for your next event or wedding, look no further!  One of my favorites is Matt Becker, of Becker's Catering, located in Tolland, CT.  Matt takes food seriously and is a fantastic chef, as well as a great person.  Yesterday at a wedding we both were working at, I got to try his Gluten Free Cupcakes and Chocolate Chip cookies for the first time.  Amazing.  You would never know they were gluten free.  The chocolate cupcakes melted in my mouth, the icing was creamy and dreamy.  The yellow cupcakes were just as perfect . The texture was no different to regularflour ones, but then again, I have been gluten free for 6 years,  I may not remember.  But I DO know how bad some gluten free cakes and cookies can taste.  I try to bake my own, but they never live up to the 'real' thing.    Becker's Catering is a fantastic choice, if Matt can create the best gluten free baked goods, imagine how good the rest of his food is!  Here is the link to his website.  And - here is a look at his scrumptious and beautiful cupcakes!
Kim Bova Photography, Best CT Wedding Photographers, Looking for a Great Caterer?

GF Cupcake, Becker's Catering, Tolland, CT