Shoe Fly!

Shoes can make a difference on how you feel especially on your wedding day.  If your feet hurt it is no fun.  Here are some samples that have been the favorites of my brides for different reasons.  First are a pair of soft and pretty shoes that are elegant, pretty and comfortable. They looked great with the brides Silk Flower bouquet and silk dress. Kim Bova Photography These were worn on a hot July day and were simple in style but the shiny stones shown bright when the bride changed into an elegant party dress for the first dance. Kim Bova Photography The guys shoes can be less interesting unless comfort is the main concern.  These guys decided to wear 'Dress Sneakers'.  Nice and comfortable for a garden wedding on a hot summer day.  In a church?  Naah! Kim Bova PhotographyKim Bova Photography I love the simple design and texture of these shoes. Kim Bova Photography Now, if you want to make a statement...try something bold. Kim Bova Photography Sandals with a flair are great for tall brides so they don't tower over their groom. Kim Bova Photography Some brides choose to change shoes - one for the ceremony and the other for dancing.  Shoes you can kick off in an instant if you feel like it and match the wedding colors.  If an investment in a pair shoes as a one occasion purchase is not your thing, try finding practical ones that you can wear over and over again for any occasion. Kim Bova Photography Not too many people put their attention on the shoes when they see the bride... maybe its the dress, veil or hair piece, bouquet that the guests ooh and aah about.  All that is important, but nothing matters more than the smile and anticipation on the face of the bride as she walks down the aisle to join the love of her life.   That is the most beautiful thing.    

Winter Break.

Foggy Sunrise in Buena Vista Florida Everyone needs a time to get away from their normal activities - to refresh, renew, revisit and learn new stuff.   I attend a wonderful Avatar course (Wizards) that meets in Florida each winter where I can do just that.  It has nothing to do with photography in any direct way.   It is self-study, meditative time, explorative, and you do this with thousands of incredible people from all over the world.  We are "one" for 13 days - it is a life changing experience and an incredibly wonderful time that I am very grateful for.  Now I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. This is a photograph of the first morning I woke up in Buena Vista, Florida a few weeks ago.  I did not have my pro gear with me, but I did have my trusty little Nikon Coolpix P7000 which is a great little pocket camera.  I walked down to look around the grounds of the condo where I stayed and experienced this wonderful sunrise.  The air temperature was very cool and it interacted with the warm pond water creating a foggy sunrise and beautiful reflection.  I enjoyed many more sunrises from the heated swimming pool which was behind me from where I took this image.  But until next year, it was wonderful summer vacation in winter!  I even missed the huge blizzard in CT which dumped 3 feet of snow! Here is one more view from that morning. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by my blog.  Leave some love if you feel like it.

A Poem for You on Valentine’s Day

Kim Bova Photography

The White Rose

The White Rose

by John Boyle O'Reilly
The red rose whispers of passion, And the white rose breathes of love; O, the red rose is a falcon, And the white rose is a dove.   But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For the love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on the lips.


Traditionally the white rose is a symbol of innocence and purity.  That is why it is often used in wedding bouquets to symbolize these traits in the bride.

More Weddings in CT and Beyond!

As promised, I am back with another New England wedding at the Historic Publick House in Massachesetts.  I photographed two weddings there this year and both were very different.  One reception was in the tent and the other in the barn, and there are two outdoor venues for outdoor ceremonies.  The big lawn on the hill and the garden lawn near the tent.  I love photographing at this venue, the opportunities for photography are wonderful and the staff terrific.  There are a variety of accommodations for overnight stays on site as well.  Plus, the food is great!  Check it out if you are looking for a unique place to get married. Here is Carolyn and Ryan's wedding on the big lawn.  It was a wild day- from fog, sun to rain!  This was an August wedding.  Don't you just love her dress?  This first image was taken in a lovely little house by the motel.  It had wonderful natural light for portraits.
Kim Bova Photography

A quiet moment before the ceremony.

Here is the Gazebo with beautiful landscaping for the ceremony.
Kim Bova Photography

I do.

And, that lucky rain.  Boy did it pour and really soaked the groom.  But look at their faces... he doesn't care and she is happy as could be to be under his umbrella!
Kim Bova Photography

Lucky Rain

Kim Bova Photography

Bride and Groom in the Publick House

Kim Bova Photography

In the historic barn.

One of my associate photographers, Roxanne Pandolfi, took this shot when the rain stopped and we had time to walk around to create more images outdoors.  Love those shoes! Roxanne Pandolfi Thanks again for stopping by the blog...  one more Publick House Wedding coming up soon, so check back in a few more days.    

Wedding Photography in CT and Beyond!

Hi.  I am a wedding photographer in Connecticut.  I love this state and New England with all it variety.   I was born and raised here, but have not lived here my whole life.  After spending time in New York City and Rochester, NY  for my college years; Santa Barbara, CA and Baton Rouge, LA working and starting a family, I am grateful to have moved back to Connecticut to live in its' 'Quiet Corner'.  I like the variety New England offers from its cities, beaches, mountains and of course the seasonal changes that make photography here so colorful.  It is a great place to raise children, too!  I have raised two of them.  Anyway, I just wanted to share some of the wonderful moments in my 2012 season of weddings here in Connecticut and New England.... though my reach this year was only in Connecticut to Massachusetts but, I loved every minute! Here are some warm weather moments to enjoy. This first couple, Heather and Eric were married in July at the beautiful Alumni House on the UConn campus.  It is a wonderful venue.  This ceremony took place in the lovely courtyard.
Kim Bova Photography

Just Married

Kim Bova Photography


Kim Bova Photography

Ceremony 2

  Here is Petra-Ann and Derrick whose wedding was actually in 2011, but due to the minister being stuck in traffic, it got too dark to photograph them here at Lighthouse Point in New Haven, CT.  Plus a summer hurricane left the park a mess.  So we gathered together again one year later with wedding dress and bouquet on their one year anniversary!  It was fun.  Here are a few images from that day in October 2012.
Kim Bova Photography

The One Year Anniversary Session

Kim Bova Photgraphy

The 'One Year After' Session

Kim Bova Photography

Maid of Honor and Bride; Through the looking glass.

Kim Bova Photography

A quiet moment.

Check back for Part II.....more New England Style Weddings.  Thanks for visiting my blog and please leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you.    

The Importance of Planning Your Portrait.

Are you thinking of making a photographic portrait of yourself?  Your family?  Maybe you have a High School Senior in your midst?  Planning for this portrait is equally as important as who you choose to photograph it.  I have made a list of things to consider to help you have greatest success. Portrait Photography_ Families 1) When you call a professional photographer, make sure you have seen and love this persons work. This is crucial.  Take advantage of the fact that every professional photographer these days has a website or blog that shows off their style.  If you like what you see... contact them.  [Ex. When I first started out in photography, I had a client come in for their consultation for a wedding and asked me if I could make a photo in Photoshop of her and her fiance with their heads together in their First Toast Glass just like her mother has.  She never bothered to look at my website and see that I never do things like that!  If your face is on your head, I will never put it on a champagne glass unless it is a naturally occurring reflection.  I love reflections by the way!  I did not photograph her wedding.  It was not a good match.] 2) Make sure this photographer is willing to meet in person with you BEFORE the session to chat about what you would have in mind. Not only will you know if you want to spend an hour or more with this person making your portraits, but, there are some important aspects to this first meeting.  If you have nothing in particular in mind for the portrait this is the time to learn about the options this photographer can make available to you.  Also, a professional will want to see you before the day of your portrait so that they are prepared as well!  Having a look at your face and body type will help them 'light' you, and will enable them to offer helpful suggestions about what to wear on the day of your portrait.  Besides knowing what set, backdrop, or outdoor location you are interested in or what photographic prints and products you are looking for.   [Ex. I will often visit the home of a family who want a portrait of themselves for their wall at home.  I can see the size wall they have in mind, color of their decor and plan clothing and style around it.] Kim Bova Photography 3)  Discuss payment options at this meeting and learn how this particular Photo Studio handles fees and print options. Each photography studio will have their own system.   Some charge one fee for the session and a package of prints.   Others charge a session or 'creation fee' to create the portraits and then you buy what you like when you see the images.  Others may ask you to pay a minimum print charge when you pay the session fee, so you are pre-purchasing print options before you see your proofs.  This is so the photographer can plan and shoot the portraits for the products that you want.   So you have choices.  It is good to know before hand so there are no surprises for anyone - for you or the photographer.  [Ex.  I have a complimentary consultation with all my clients before the session so I can give them the information they need regarding pricing and product. We also discuss where, when and why this want this portrait.  We get to know each other a little so everyone is comfortable.   A session fee is collected at this time to reserve your appointment date and time.] 4) Once you have decided who your portrait photographer is, go home and look through your closet and choose your favorite articles of clothing.  Choose what looks good on you, but also what feels good.  Feeling good = looking good.  Period.  I think you know what I mean.  When you feel good in that outfit, you usually know you look good! Look for colors that are not too loud, patterns that are not too noisy if you are being photographed in a family or group. If it is just you, go for it!  But bring something low key as well for variety and a different look.  If you are being photographed with your family or fiance, then work together and lay your clothes out on a bed or clean floor and mix and match paying attention to colors that compliment each other.  Keeping it to 2 complimentary colors and/or neutral tone is a good idea.  Like maroon,  green and gray.  Or blue, khaki and white.   If there is a plaid shirt on one person, go for coordinated solid colors on the others.  If there is a small child in the mix, they can wear the colorful patterned outfit they love and keep the adults more neutral but complimentary.   [Ex. I have been known to go through my client's closets to help them find the outfits that look nice together.  Often my clients -especially HS Seniors  when we go on Senior Safari's - will come with a full suitcase of clothes to choose from.] 5)  Never cut your hair or get a new hairstyle the day before your portrait. Best to do it a week before the session.  If you want to try something new and trendy, maybe wait until after the portrait, or else go ahead and schedule the portrait further out in time so you know if you like this look.  The portrait is who you are right now, so be you. I hope this list of items will help you plan for your next portrait session.  Let me know if this was helpful by leaving a comment below.  Thank you and have a great day. Kim Bova Photography