Wedding on the Shore

I had the honor to photograph this beautiful couple at the New England shore yesterday. The weather cleared enough to take advantage of the beauty of Little Compton, Rhode Island. It was a small intimate gathering at a house on the water, a sit down dinner was prepared for after the ceremony and photographs.  It was a lovely day all around!  Congratulations to Kristen and Dan. Here are some favorite images from the day. Kim Bova Photography Little Compton, RI, Kim Bova Photography   Little Compton, RI, Kim Bova Photography                                 Wedding at the Shore,  Kim Bova Photography                                       Kim Bova Photography        

Kim Bova Photography

New Baby in Town!

Let's hear it for baby Miles and his parents Andy and Priya!  I photographed their wedding and now the family is growing.   Miles was 10 days old in these images and they were all created in natural light at my studio.  Here are some of my favorites from the day.  Let me know how you like them. Kim Bova Photography, newborn photography Kim Bova Photography Kim Bova Photography Kim Bova Photography Kim Bova Photography

Engagement Session in Boston Garden

I had the pleasure of photographing Beth and Alan in Boston Garden.  What a day it was... a little chillier than expected but the light, tulips and flowering trees made for a wonderful backdrop.  We had to dodge the crowds, but otherwise it was a glorious day.  We are all looking forward to their September wedding in Connecticut.  Here are a few favorites of the day.
Engagement session, Kim Bova Photography

Beth & Alan in Boston Garden

Boston Garden Engagement

Under the Bridge in Boston Garden

Kim Bova Photography creates Art from Life in Boston Garden Engagement.

On the Bridge

Boston Garden in Spring, Kim Bova Photography

Under the Blooms


Kim Bova Photography


Spring in the Garden

A walk in the Garden

Kim Bova Photography

Setting Sun on the Dock

Kim Bova Photography


Kim Bova Photography



Tips for Great Wedding Photos – Part 3

How can you be sure YOU will have a great time at your wedding reception?  The best way is to hire a good team.  A good party takes experience and skill to pull off.  A venue with experienced managers and a great band or DJ is key.  As a photographer, I work closely that day with the reception manager and/or DJ.  Make sure who you choose is experienced at weddings, as there is much going on.   This person is in charge of the timing of the entrances, dances and events of all kinds during the reception.  Your DJ or band leader must know how to throw a great party!  I have witnessed countless receptions where the DJ or bandleader takes charge of the room and creates a great time.  One person I have loved working with is Matty B who is a one man live band and DJ.  He is an exceptional wedding pro and throws a great party, plays sax, guitar and sings beautifully, as well.  He can suggest what songs to play that will make your party rock, will play your music, and knows how to handle all the events of the day.  Plus he works with the rest of us that day as a team.  Great photos of your reception events and party is a group effort.  Hire professionals so nothing will be missed and you will be very happy. If you want some info regarding engagement sessions please check out these posts: Engagements and the Benefits of Your Engagement Session I hope this post will help you to know what to look for in your DJ, band or reception manager for your wedding day or event.  Good luck with your party planning!  Let me know if this was helpful.  Have a great day.
New Haven, CT, Kim Bova Photography


Wedding at Amarante's Seacliff, Ballroom, Kim Bova Photography

Dancing the Night Away

Tips for Great Wedding Photos _ Part 2

I am back with some tips to help you make your wedding day photography go smoothly so you can capture everything you would like.  In the last post I spoke about the early planning stages - the venue and time of day for good lighting to help you look good in your photos.  Next, let us talk about time-lines. TIME-LINES are very important for your images because you need to allow enough time for your photographer to help you create the images that you really want.  If the details of your dress, rings, bouquets etc are important to you, allow at least 1-2 hours before the ceremony starts to have yourself and your details ready to be photographed, along with your brides maids, mom and any other family or friends that will be with you in your ready room.   If your brides maids and mother can plan on being dressed around this time so that everyone looks great in the photographs. Kim Bova Photography Allowing time to photograph your father and/or your groom in a "first look" is possible before the ceremony.  If you would like this, allow the time for it.  This should be done early or off site so that your guests don't see you.. and you have some privacy.  Do this no less then an hour before you leave for the ceremony and is best if you are close by.  But allow more time if you have to travel further to the ceremony location. Think through all these things.  This is one of my most important jobs as a wedding photographer - to help with the time-line planning and suggest all the things that can be photographed during specific times of the wedding day.  You don't have to do it all, but knowing what your options are can be helpful. Now that you have the getting ready images thought out, you need to plan the formal portraits.  Do you want them done before or after the ceremony?  If not before, will you have a receiving line?  This can take 45 minutes or more so bear that in mind.  Most of my brides skip the receiving line and to straight to formal photos so when the get to the reception they can enjoy their guests, cocktails and freshen up.  So, where will your formal portraits happen; how long will it take to get there; who will be included in these portraits; how long will it take to get to the reception venue, how will everyone get there?  These questions are ones that I will ask you so that I know how much time I have to do my job.  If I can have an hour with you, your wedding party and families, that is amazing.  If not, I can get it done in 30 - 45 minutes once we get to a location that we have planned, you just may have fewer combinations of people.  You have to decide what you want so you have the time to do it.   If you have an all in one venue it really simplifies things, but that is not always possible.  Think it through, try to be realistic so that you can to be as relaxed and unstressed as possible on your wedding day.  I always try to be helpful in these areas, as I want to help my clients get the images they want on this very important day in their lives.Kim Bova Photography I hope this helps planning your wedding day time-line and best of luck! Click here for more helpful info. Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Please leave a comment below if you found this helpful.      

Tips for Great Wedding Photos – Part 1.

So you would love to have great photos on your wedding day? Here are some things to bear in mind.  Usually you would be thinking about this from the start of your planning. LOCATION is key.  A beautiful location with nice backgrounds and ambiance will help create wonderful photos on your wedding day.   Take this into consideration as you look for a venue, church and reception site.   These are the places where light is important.  Plenty of window light is helpful in creating beautiful photos of faces and all the action at the reception.  If it is a night reception or a ballroom, check out the lighting beforehand.  Low light or candlelight can be wonderful for creating mood. A good photographer can 'make' their own light on location if necessary. THE SWEET LIGHT: Sunset times are very important to know when you set your date and your venue.  Two hours before sunset is the soft golden light and perfect for outdoor ceremonies & your formal portraits.  We photographers sometimes call this the sweet light.  This portrait was taken on a porch late in the afternoon in September at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA .   A good photographer can also create stunning images at anytime of the day, but if you choose to get married at 11 am, then make sure the venue has some shade nearby, or somewhere to get out of the sun so you have some options and variety in your photos.   I would choose to back-light you in direct sun and your dress would shimmer, but for details and closeups like below, softer light is best. Kim Bova Photography This photo below was taken with the last rays of the day at Amarante's Seacliff in New Haven.  You can see the golden light here on their faces. Kim Bova Photography And here is window light at the Waterview in Monroe, CT.  I placed myself with my back to the window to capture the mood of the room, but with natural light from the window on their faces. Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography Check out my post about the importance of timelines and how they may effect your photographs HERE. Thank you for reading my blog. Leave a comment to let me know if this was helpful to you or not. 🙂

Happy Spring!

Kim Bova Photography

Spring Reflections, Gurleyville Road, Mansfield, CT

Kim Bova Photography
Spring on Horse Barn Hill, UConn

I can't wait to see the spring green again!  Have a great day.