Dog Portraiture at Kim Bova Photography!

My Dog Day mini-session day was a blast!  It was fun and challenging.  My goal for dog photography is not that much different then when I am photographing humans.   I want to capture each dog's personality in a photograph that their 'people' will love, even after their 'best friend' is gone. Dog Portraiture is a patience building exercise.  Never move too fast, don't overwhelm the dog with too much action, treats or noises.  I learned that I can make some really high pitch sounds that perhaps only dogs hear.  For some dogs, boredom can set in fast, so I had to grab attention with surprising sounds to keep them engaged.  With patience, I was able to get some nice portraits of these beloved pets for their families to enjoy. Thank you to all the folks who brought their best dog friends to the studio to be photographed for my special DOG DAY and to support the local animal shelter.  And shout out to Stephanie, my assistant, who helped me lure, engage and get some fun photos of these lovely pets.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the day. Meet Jake.  This dog has tons of energy, and there is much wisdom in his eyes. Dog Portraits by Kim Bova Photography Nemo Dog This is Jake.  A lovely Golden Retriever whose owner groomed him beautifully before his session! Dog Portraits, Kim Bova Photography Dog PortraitsSam is a really cool Boxer.  Love that eye contact!  That is what my crazy noises can do!  When a treat is offered, he was in good form, too!. Dog Portraits, Portrait Photographer Dog Portraits, Kim Bova PhotographyAnd last but not least, meet the very sweet Katie!  She did not enjoy my studio strobes but, she managed to smile for me anyway!  I just loved her ears, always one up and one down. Katie2 Dog Portraits in CT Thank you all!  I will keep you posted on the next Dog Day that I will have at the studio!  Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter (at the bottom of the page), so you can be the first to hear about these kind of special sessions!

Rainy Day Weddings.

Rainy day weddings are what every bride cringes at!  Who wants a rainy day wedding?  No one.  But, just because it rains on your wedding day does not mean the worst.  It does happen and I recommend that you embrace it.  You may be surprised by what photographic opportunities may arise due to rain.  As a wedding photographer, I come prepared to stay dry and always put an extra umbrella in with my gear if there is a chance of rain in the forecast.  I love weddings at The Publick House in Sturbridge, MA  and on this day we had it all.  Fog, sun and rain.  However, I captured a photographic moment that was my favorite of the season.  We just finished the formal photos on the great lawn and a pop up storm blew in.  It dumped buckets of rain on us all.  The groom got soaked, the bride was dry and they both were happy as could be!  "Lucky rain!" exclaimed the bride.  She was the only person who remained dry we continued the party indoors. Rain or shine has it's problems, but try to embrace whatever you have on your day.  Weddings are huge events that are planned so far in advance, there is to telling what the day will be like.  So do your best, be positive and enjoy every moment!  If it rains, do your best to stay dry, pack an umbrella and look out for photo opportunities!  Sometimes what appears to be a disaster, can be a great memory and a wonderful photographic opportunity.
Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography

Rainy, wet but happy!


CT Bridal Show & Expo at Amarante’s Seacliff March 24, 2014

Please come join me and my fellow wedding vendors at a CT Bridal Show at  Amarante's Seacliff in New Haven, CT.  This is the beautiful seaside Wedding & Event venue that so many brides love because of the sunset views, great food and a warm welcoming staff! This is a great opportunity to meet me and other wedding professionals to chat about the services that we offer, ask questions and see some samples of our work.  And, enjoy a sunset and cocktails, now that we have had our time change!  Oh, and it is FREE! I do not usually do CT Bridal Shows, but I love Amarante's Seacliff.  IT is a very special place with a wonderful staff who treats their clients like family. Live band, Vendor Prizes, Discounts and more.  Register HERE! Date: Monday, March 24, 2014 Time: 7-9:30 pm Place: Amarante's Seacliff, 62 Cove St, New Haven, CT 06512;  (203) 467-2531 I hope to see you there!
CT Garden Bridal Portrait

CT Garden Bridal Portrait

Wedding Color Trends for 2014!

CT Wedding Photography;Kim Bova Photography

Color Trends-Deep Blues and Yellows for 2014

COLORS! Wedding Trends for this year, 2014 are among my favorites!  This year the popular wedding colors include blues of all kinds, deep purples mixed with warmer tones - from red, orange to pinks.  So far, some of my 2014 brides are incorporating  orange and reds for the fall; shades of green and ivory for spring; and cool blue-violet mixed with whites for summer!  I love those pastels when it is blazing hot! I think color choices set a mood and tone for any event.  If you are a dramatic personality - hot colors may be your thing.  Romantic and understated, pastels and lace may be perfect! I think it actually depends on who you are, what you love and what time of year you decide to get married. What colors have you picked for your wedding day and why did you choose them?  Please share by leaving a comment! For some cool color combination ideas, visit this blog:

Dog Day Portrait Event – Saturday, March 22, 2014

Special ONE DAY Photo Event at the Studio!

DOG DAY: Get a portrait of your dog and help a local shelter*

 Mini Portrait Session for $79 - includes 1- 5x7 print.

  • Saturday, March 22nd, 2014, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • At the studio
  • By appointment only

CALL NOW to reserve your spot.  (860)230-8828

All sessions are pre-paid by credit card or check.  No refunds for no-shows.

Limited to 14 sessions. First come, first served.

*I will donate 20% of the session fee to a local animal shelter. Dog Portrait, Kim Bova Photography Download a flyer for this event MORE DETAILS:
  • Call now to schedule your appointment time.  All sessions are 20 minutes of photography within a 30 minute time slot (for getting your pup in/out with ease)
  • This event is for DOGS only.  (NO cats, lizards, snakes or people - unless you feel you need to hold your dog.)
  • Please arrive on time, NOT late or early.  Please be conscious of this for the sake of the dog before/after you.  We don't want any growls or unhappiness.  This will be a fun time.
  • Bring your dogs favorite treat in case we need to bribe.
  • Potty your dog before coming into Studio.  I have plenty of yard space for this.
  • In case of rain or snow, please wipe your dogs feet or carry dog in. (I will have towels ready.)
  • Please Click Here for Studio address and contact information.
  • Feel free to call Kim for more details, questions or concerns.
  • Call Now: (860) 230-8828
Come and support our furry friends! Thank you and I hope to see you soon.

Dog Portraits in Connecticut.

I have recently begun doing dog portraits.  I find that my clients love their dogs and usually include them with the family portrait.  But how special to do a portrait of the dog alone. Do you have a beloved pet that is part of your family?  I grew up with cats, turtles, goldfish, and a parakeet named Ricky.  When my two boys were very young we got a dog named Roxy - a standard poodle - who changed all of our lives.  Really. Here are just a few of the ways she did this:
  • She taught my boys not to fight but to make peace with each other and she would bark in their faces until they stopped; and to know the joy of taking care and being responsible for another being who depends on you.
  • She taught me how to be a pack leader, firm and loving.
  • She taught us greater awareness of unconditional love and devotion in action.  She would wait by the window or door until we returned home.  She offered her protection to us if she felt we were in danger, plus many more gifts of love.
Roxy was with us for close to 11 years.  Her portrait adorns our entryway in our home so we still see her every day.  We are thankful to have many wonderful photos to remember our time with her. I would love to create photos of your pet that you love.  I am offering a special DOG DAY PORTRAIT EVENT at the studio on Saturday, March 22 from 9-5.  It will be a charity event to help raise funds for our local Animal Shelter volunteer group called Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization who help find good homes for the animals.  I will officially announce this on my blog next week and on my 'new' events page on my website.  Check back in a couple of days when that page goes live! Here is the photo of Roxy that hangs in our home. Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂
Pet Portrait, Kim Bova Photography, CT



Rachel & Ben’s West Hartford Wedding.

Rachel & Ben's West Hartford wedding was a blast, not only for me as the photographer, but for everyone who attended.  Rachel and Ben were married on a beautiful day this past September.  When they told me that they were having a traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding, I was thrilled!  The traditions are so rich and beautiful and I was very excited to photograph it for them.  The weather was brutally hot and humid, but we had a wonderful air conditioned Temple to celebrate in. Rachel and Ben, with the help of the amazing congregation at the Beth David Synagogue in West Hartford, CT, created a lovely day with family and friends in attendance from near and far.  The whole feel of the day was one of warmth, love and happiness.  Once the dancing and entertainment began - was wild and fun! I met Rachel, a very talented opera singer and teacher, through the photographic work I do for the Hartford Opera Theater at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, CT.  Rachel and Ben (a lawyer in Hartford) moved here a few years ago.  They love the congregation at Temple Beth David so much that they decided to get married there, even though their families and many friends live in other parts of the country!   Here are some highlights from the day.
Kim Bova Photography

Bridal Headpiece Borrowed from Rachel's Grandmother

West Hartford, CT, Wedding

Make up and Hair by Mary Kathryn Withers

September wedding in West Hartford, CT. Kim Bova Photography

Busy in the dressing room.

West Hartford, CT Wedding day, Kim Bova Photography

Rachel gifting her brides maids.

Temple Beth David Wedding, West Hartford, CT, Kim Bova Photography

Arriving at Temple Beth David.

West Hartford, CT Wedding.  Temple Beth David.  Kim Bova Photography

Ben arrives separately at the Temple.

West Hartford Wedding, CT, Kim Bova Photography

The men getting ready to sign the Ketubah, marriage contract.

Temple Beth David, West Hartford, CT, Kim Bova Photography

The Groom sees his bride for first time and veils her, the Bedeken

Temple Beth David, West Hartford, CT. Kim Bova Photography

The Ceremony begins. Rachel with her parents, and father's kiss.

West Hartford, CT, Kim Bova Photography

Entering the reception at Temple Beth David.

Temple Beth David, Kim Bova Photography

The Dancing Begins!

West Hartford Wedding in CT, Kim Bova Photography

More Wild Dancing!

Wedding Dancing, West Hartford, CT, Kim Bova Photographyy

Dancing and entertaining the Bride and Groom.