Sneak Peek – Wright’s Mill Farm Wedding.

Here is a sneak peak of last weekends wedding which took place at the historic and beautiful Wright's Mill Farm in Canterbury, CT.  It is located in the northeast corner of the state.  A rural area with covered bridge, a pond and old barns.  I wonderful place for a June wedding and for couples who make the photography a priority.  This wonderful couple, Ashley and Jeremy, created a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception here at Wright's Mill Farm.  Take a look and stay tuned for more images to come.  Congratulations to Ashley and Jeremy on marriage.
Wedding Photography in CT

Family Portrait.

Kim Bova Photography, Wrights Mill Farm, Canterbury, CT

Walking down the aisle at the waterfall ceremony site.

CT Wedding Photography, Kim Bova Photography

The ring exchange. Pure joy!

Wright's Mill Farm, Canterbury, CT

The Wedding Party at the Covered Bridge.

Kim Bova Photography, CT Weddings

A quiet moment by the waterfall after the ceremony.

Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus, UCONN.

I loved photographing this gorgeous couple's Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN.   The UCONN campus is a park, a botanical garden, full of new and old architecture and a working farm!  So many photographic opportunities here, especially in the spring.  The trees were in full bloom, the grass was finally green and the skies cleared for us that day!

Good light can be found anywhere.

The trick is finding it with interesting backgrounds.  UCONN's Storrs campus is great for this as well.  On this day we photographed between 4:30 -6:30 pm.  The light was soft due to some fine clouds which diffused the sun, and the quality of light was warm because the sun was low in the afternoon sky.  This helps to create pleasing skin tones and I can get 'catch lights' in the eyes.  Open skies (not too many big trees or buildings to block the light) is important as well.  I had good light reflecting on the faces.  No flash or reflectors were used here, I just found some good open or directional light.  The last photo is back-lit as the sun was very low.  I wanted to create a rim of light on their faces.

Good locations are important for an Engagement Session.

I prefer locations that have variety.  Natural and man made spaces give plenty of variety and structure for composition, posing and finding overhangs of all kind to pose people in.  Photographing an Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN has this variety and is the reason I love it so much.

Meet Munzareen and Ashrafur.

They met here on the Storrs Campus at UCONN and will be married next month.  I will not be photographing their marriage as they are going home to Bangladesh to be with their families.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to photograph them here in Connecticut.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.  I hope you enjoy them. Congratulations to Munzareen and Ashrafur on your engagement and up coming wedding!

Engagement Session, CT Wedding Photography Engagement Session, Kim Bova Photography  Wedding Photography in CT, Kim Bova Photography  Engagement in CT by Kim Bova PhotographyEngaged in CT, Kim Bova PhotographyKim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography

High School Senior Photography that makes YOU look great!

I am excited about photographing many High School Seniors this summer.  So I am writing about High School Senior Photography that makes you look great.  The way I help you do this is by taking the focus off yourself.  Follow?  When your attention is off yourself, and you are having fun, you will look great!  We will talk, chat, laugh and focus on having fun with poses in the studio... and if you choose an on location session, we go to a special places you love and that have meaning for you!  I create a fun experience so that we can create photos that you look great in! Preparation is important, too.  Both of us have to prepare. I will meet you prior to your session in order to find out what makes you special and unique at this point in your life and learn about your interests and accomplishments.  Then we make a plan and pick a session that is appropriate for you.  I want to personalize the senior portrait experience for you. You just have to decide on and bring your favorite outfits and props that mean something to you to your session.  You know, things that represent who you are (musical instruments, sports gear, etc).  I had a senior who was a great baker bring her specialty cupcakes!  Everyone is unique and I invite you to make the most of it in your Senior Session! Being a High School Senior is a one time thing and it is actually a pretty cool time of life.  Think of it as a celebration of the journey from child to a young adult.  So I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by capturing you in images enjoying yourself, being who you are while feeling and looking great. Call today to set up a free consultation about your senior portrait.   Summer is the time for the class of 2015 to have portraits done. And please look around my blog and senior page for more examples of my work. Here are a few images from a session I did a couple of weeks ago.  I just loved photographing this smart and talented senior!  Meet Lena.  Lena graduates this June and she decided she wanted a studio session only.  We had a blast!  These were her favorite images.  I loved our session together and I think she looks beautiful!  Thanks Lena, and congratulations!Kim Bova PhotographyKim Bova Photography, Senior PhotographyKim Bova PhotographySenior Portraits        

Hiring a Professional Photographer.

CT Portrait Photography, Kim Bova Photography


Hiring a professional photographer for your head shot is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Just about everyone has a camera these days, and many people are taking their own photos.  That is great, but when it comes to  business portraits it should look professional.  Consider hiring a professional photographer.  Take a look on LinkedIn or Facebook, there is a range of quality, and some people don't even have an image.  Why?  Probably because they don't have one they love.  Do you? We all want to look our best and have a record of ourselves that shows who we really are.  This is not to say that candid images are not showing that... there is plenty of energy in those images as they capture us in moments and experiences that we treasure and want to remember.   Those are great for a personal FB page.  For a professional look, it needs to be a professional photograph.


Look at this UCONN Business Student above - we did a session last week because she is looking forward to finding work and is about to begin marketing herself when she graduates. She understands the value of a great profile image -  Professional, simple, engaging and something she can be proud of.  Hire a professional photographer for your head shot as well. Think about this for your next head shot - replace that outdated one or the one that your partner took real quick with their phone camera. Call me and we can take the time to create an image that you will love and that represents who you are right now.  It doesn't take long to make a professional head shot, it requires just a little planning... and it doesn't hurt a bit! One last thing... Mother and Father's Day are coming up... May 11 and June 15th respectively.  If you call now to set up a head shot with me, I will give you one free print for your Mom or Dad's day gift.  I guarantee they will love it! Call now. 860-230-8828.Thank you for reading by my blog.  Feel free to leave me a message so I know you were here!

Portraits in Black and White

Why Portraits in Black and White as opposed to color?

I have a soft spot for portraits in black and white.  If I want to have full control of where my viewers eyes go in a photograph - black and white takes away the distraction of color.  Black and white can can highlight only what you want the viewer to see through line, form, light and shadow.  I don't shoot with film anymore but I do miss the experience of creating imagery in a dark room.  Seeing the image emerge in a tray of developer was nothing less than thrilling!  Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to mimic a 'film look' by photographing the band Autolatry, a heavy metal band that I have known for a long time.  They are relaunching themselves and needed some photos for their marketing.  Actually, I must confess -  the reason I know them is because 2 of them are my sons!  They have had 2 tours of the USA and have made three records.  If you like heavy music, check them out! David and Matt are my sons, they have been playing music together since middle school.  Dave plays lead guitar, writes the music and is their recording engineer and in general the visionary of the band.  He lives and works in Tampa Florida as an engineer at Morris Sound , and Sean is the third member who plays bass and guitar, a really great guy from Rhode Island.  We know their music quite intimately as they have played and practiced here for years!  Now that they are out of the house we only hear them on their CD's or when practicing here before their tours.  Enough of me bragging about my kids.... this post is about portraits in black and white!

The Portraits in Black and White and how we did them.

The band was here last weekend and asked me to photograph them.  I suggested portraits in black and white instead of color and they agreed to try it.  Of course the camera can do either, but in my minds eye, my concept was in black and white.  I was told that they did not want to see things clearly and well lit in these photos and did not want the usual kind of band pics - against the wall, sitting on stuff - you know what I mean.  I think there is a trend back to LP recordings, film, retro stuff these days - so I was inspired to do something that actually looked more like the photography I grew up with on the older LP record covers.  AND I had  black and white "film grain" on my mind!  Also the idea that 'less is more'was something that inspired me.  We decided that our funky, overly cluttered, dark and dirty garage would be the best place to create the photos.  I think they thought I would include the junk that hadn't made it to the dump yet,  but I was more interested in the sliver of light from one single window.  Here is what we created.  I say "we" because I feel that photographing people is a joint venture... I have my own ideas and the other person or people have their own, too, and when it comes together the magic happens. I made very little adjustments on these images.  ISO of 2000 for a bit of grain, Nikon D700, 80-200 mm lens, a tripod and a sliver of light from a small window.  No touch up except for stray hairs... and boy, Dave has tons of hair!  I really love these images as their mom, too, because as younger boys, they would not take the time or have the patience to create portraits in black and white like these with me.  Thanks, guys, it was really fun!
Portraits in Black and White. Kim Bova Photography

Meet Dave. Composer, Guitarist and Sound Engineer.

Portraits in Black and White, Kim Bova Photography

This is Matt. Drummer, Composer of Drum parts, and Student at Hampshire College.

Black & White portraits, Kim Bova Photography

Meet Sean. The guitarist and bassist who lives & works in Rhode Island.

Portraits in Black and White

The whole band in color

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June Wedding in Connecticut!

I am very excited about Ashley and Jeremy's June wedding in Connecticut!  It is taking place at Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, CT.  It is a lovely place with many beautiful rustic features you would expect of a wedding in the country.  A waterfall, winding roads and some cool historic buildings.  There is even a horse and buggy which is supplied with your wedding package!  To me, this kind of wedding setting is a dream.  If you are planning a wedding in Connecticut, especially a June Wedding, and rustic settings are your thing - I would encourage you to check this place out.  I will keep you in the loop after the wedding and share the photos right here on the blog. In the mean time, here is a quick portrait from last weekend when Ashley and Jeremy met with me briefly to go over the details.  These guys are two very cool people, and they have been pretty busy!  Not only busy planning their June wedding, but traveling overseas because of their jobs.   We did make time to photograph them by my new outdoor walkway - with a split rail fence and rustic woods.  Perfect for this couple! Thank for stopping by by blog...

Wedding in Connecticut, Kim Bova Photography

Photography for Business Websites

It is important to have good photography for business websites that clearly represents you, your business and what you do for your clients.  Does your business website need spring cleaning?  How about taking a good look at the photography for your business website?  You may find that some fresh new photos of you, your staff, the office or store would help flow new life into the site.   It does not matter if you are a home based business, or a storefront.    I have been commissioned by musicians, Heating and Cooling companies, Electricians and Consultants to update images on their business websites.   I photograph the owners, their employees and their business in action.  Quality photography for business websites is important when you are selling a product or a service.  I am sure you have visited some sites where you landed on the homepage and found the blurry or poor quality images.  First impressions are everything, you can have good photos by hiring a professional. What you put out there matters.  Professional looking websites have great photography on them.  So hire a professional for a couple of hours on a day when your staff is prepped and well dressed, or you have something planned that you would like to highlight.  Some good things to document are: head shots of each employee, employees doing their normal work routines, a special project or group photos.  By giving the potential client a good idea of the who- what- where and why you do it, it will encourage clients to call or visit your place of business or at least give an impression that you are professional and pay attention to detail by what they see on your business website.  Also an added perk,  these professional photos can be used for your newsletters, presentations and any printed advertising you normally do. Call me or a professional photographer in your area to set up an appointment to discuss the photography for your business website.  I try to meet my business clients at their shop or office, learn as much as I can about what they do, and then together we create a plan that will best represent them. Spring is a great time to update and refresh your website with new beautiful images.  Call me now!  860-230-8828. Here are a few examples of the photography work I have done for business in Connecticut. Here is  Energy Unlimited of Manchester, CT - their trucks and crew.  Their website is  here.

CT Business, Kim Bova Photography

This is the office of Tim Ackert of Ackert Electric in Coventry, CT.  It shows what a meeting with a client might look like.

Ackert Electric


This is a head shot of a local actor, Wayne Trembley, for his promotional materials and social media and web presence.professional Head shot, Actor, Kim Bova Photography

  And CT musician, educator and performer, Bob Bloom for his website and promotional materials.

Bob Bloom, Drummer, Drumming for You, Kim Bova PhotographyI spent a morning with ACT Associates of Mansfield, CT.  Here is one of the partners, Denette Anthony.  I photographed them in the office and out doors where we found some beautiful light.

ACT Associates, Kim Bova Photography

ACT Associates, Kim Bova Photography