Québec City – A gem on the St. Lawrence River

Québec City is one of my favorite places to visit.  My husband and I took time off this summer and we chose to spend time with friends and family around New England, and then took off on our own to Québec City.  We love this city because, not only can we practice our french but, the people and the city are so beautiful.  We planned to go see the New France Festival and it was really fun.  I loved photographing the events and the city itself.  Travel photography is a passion of mine, so little time to do it, but perhaps I will make more time for this in the future...we'll see! The New France Festival was taking place during our stay.  It is a celebration of life in Québec City during the 17th and 18th centuries when it was a colony of France.  The cobblestone streets of the historic Old Québec district are the setting for street performances featuring hundreds of characters dressed in period costumes. Visitors are welcomed to dress up and join in, or simply watch the events, which include dancing, music, markets, storytelling, thematic dinner shows and parades. We love how this city is so friendly, safe and picturesque.  It sits on top of a cliff overlooking the St Lawrence River.  Truly a spectacular setting.  Our next goal for Québec City is to go to the Ice Hotel during the Winter Carnival!  Here are some of my favorite photos from our stay in Québec City.
Kim Bova Photography, Quebec City

The Beautiful Grand Chateau Frontenac after a rain storm. We enjoyed our stay there.

Kim Bova Photography, Quebec City

The view from the Chateau Frontenac of the St. Lawrence and Mountains NE of QC.

Kim Bova Photography, Quebec City

The Streets were full of people enjoying the New France Festival.

Kim Bova Photography, Quebec City

Citizens and tourists were encourage to dress up in the 18-19 c. costumes during this festival. It was a fun site!

Music in Quebec City

This troupe of performers were in a city square and they created quite a fantastic performance.

Kim Bova Photography. Quebec City

I just loved the pretty stone buildings, flowers and colorful doors. We really did feel like we were in France!

Kim Bova Photography

A glass artist demonstrating his craft in Quebec City.

Chateau Frontenac, QC

The view of the tower of The Chateau Frontenac was always spectacular from any viewpoint. Here is is at dusk seen from the lower part of the old city.

I highly suggest a visit to this amazing city to our north.  The food was wonderful, we met so many friendly and interesting Québec citizens and the festival was fun to experience.  These folks really enjoy life and their history.  Thanks for reading my blog.  Leave me a comment so I know you were here~ Kim

CT Engagement Session at Belltown Hill Orchards.

I had the honor of photographing Erin and Robert's CT Engagement Session at Belltown Hill Orchards in Glastonbury last weekend.  Since this beautiful couple lives right in the Orchard neighborhood,  they arranged permission with the Orchard owners for us to photograph where no other people were.  Plus, we were able to stay after the picking hours for the golden evening light and had the whole orchard to ourselves.  How special is that?!? If you follow my blog, you may know how much I love photographing CT Engagement Sessions.  Not only do we have beautiful landscapes in every corner of the state, but there is so much variety such as:  farm country, cities, small quaint towns, beaches, and hilly trails and woods.

Here are the  4 most important reasons why I love photographing CT Engagement Sessions:

1) Besides the fact that I have been a lifelong resident of this beautiful little state and I know many cool areas and beautiful spots for a CT Engagement Session, this is an important time for my couples and I to get to know each other better.  I learn a lot about them from their session.  For instance, I can see how self-conscious (or not) they may be, and my clients will see that this can be a fun experience.  I also get an idea of how they act together as a couple, like what is their natural way to move or pose together.  We have an experience together photographically so if there are any  past "photo traumas" or stress about being photographed, we can clear those up right away.   My engaged couples can also see how I work while photographing them and how they can feel free to have their own ideas and work with me to create the images they want. 2) I have an opportunity to help them learn how to stand together so that they look their best in their wedding clothes.  This makes things go smoothly on the big day.  Some of my wedding clients say they have practiced what I teach them at their Engagement Session! 3) We have time to talk about aspects of the photography that they do or don't like after they see the images.   Therefore, I can adjust my angles before the wedding day in case there is something they did not like. (Ex. "Ack! I hate my nose from that angle!" or "When I stand like that I look weird!") 4) MOST IMPORTANT - I gain their trust.  I want to create the best photographs that I can for each and every client.  If I have their trust, they will not worry about how the photography will go on the wedding day.  It feels much more comfortable for everyone. Here are some of my favorite photographs from Erin and Robert's CT Engagement Session at Belltown Hill Orchards.   I am really looking forward to their wedding day in September, also here in CT.  Thank you, Erin and Robert, for a fun day at Belltown Hill Orchards!
Kim Bova Photography

Walking through the hilly sections Orchard with views of Connecticut's western hills.

Engagement Session, CT Wedding Photography

Deep in the Orchard Rows.

CT Engagement session at Belltown Orchards, by Kim Bova

This Belltown Orchard barn is practically in their backyard.. I love photographing in places that have meaning for my clients.

Wedding in Connecticut, Kim Bova Photography

I love shooting 'through' things. In this case, it was the branches of another tree.

Engagement Session, Kim Bova Photography

An sweet moment.

CT Wedding Photography by Kim Bova Photography

In the shade of a tree overlooking the pond at Belltown Orchards.

Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography

Evening light at the far end of Belltown Orchards.

If you are getting married in CT this year or next, and you are interested in a CT Engagement Session, please call me or send me an email.  The fall season is a great time to schedule a session for a spring wedding in CT.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Please leave a comment so that I know you were here!

Fun Summer Portrait Photography

Looking for some fun summer portrait photography in CT?  You have come to the right place.  This time of summer, when the days are long and the kids are out of school, is the perfect time to schedule a portrait session.  Think of fun summer portraits as a family activity because it takes some thought and planning in which you can involve the whole family, and it is fun for the kids in my studio because they will feel like stars!  Plus parents have awesome images of the kids.  Before each session I sit down with you and we make a plan.  I find out what you are looking for in your portraits and I can visualize what would look great for your particular family.  I like to custom design my sessions for each client, however you may also choose from some of the other 'looks' I have already created as well.


Choose from either a cool studio setting where I shot this portrait below.  I have some fun hats and a variety of backgrounds that can be used to create the perfect look for you.
Kim Bova Photography

Kids keep cool in the studio and have fun with hats and other props!


Or we can go outdoors in the early morning or evening when the light is soft and flattering.  It is a win-win either way, so call me today and set up a family session or one for just your children today! It will be fun and you will not regret the beautiful images of your family at this moment in time.  Besides, these photos can be holiday gifts and cards that will ease your shopping stress later.  Let's get started now and create some fun summer portraits now. Call me now at: 860-230-8828 or email me: Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you enjoyed this post or know anyone who would benefit from viewing this, please share it.  🙂
CT Portrait PhotographyKim Bova Photography

Outside in the grass where kids feel comfortable!

Family Portraits and Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers need Family Portraits, too.

Professional Photographers personal family portraits often take a backseat to client work.  Besides the fact, that in our home, our sons are grown up and out of the house, I take many photos of other peoples families and sometimes I just don't think or take the time to photograph my own family portraits. On a walk in the woods yesterday with my husband Peter, on Father's Day, I brought along my camera with the sole purpose of capturing some beautiful landscape photos or what ever I came upon.  Well, we came to Diana's Pool, a beautiful spot in Chaplin, CT in the NE woods near where I live and had such a nice time there we had to get a photo of ourselves.  There were plenty of rocks and a waterfall so I found a fairly flat rock to prop the camera on and proceeded to take a few shots with the self-timer.  I was a little nervous about the camera falling, but managed to do it without any disasters!  This photo is a little out of focus but, for me... I love it!  It is RARE to get a portrait of us both out doing something fun.  So I will continue to hone my self-timer skills and photograph more of us together where ever we happen to be enjoying ourselves.  A promise to self!  Maybe next time my boys are home we can get another family portrait all together.

How can I help you with family portraits?

Now if you are looking for a family portrait this summer (professional photographers included), they can be taken just about anywhere as you can see from this photo.  This is a very casual portrait. There are so many wonderful spots in this beautiful state for portraits that I would be happy to do a casual or even more formal outdoor family portrait for your family.  I have traveled to beaches, hill tops, parks and quaint towns to make portraits for many families and couples, too.  Let me know if this is something I can help you with this summer.  These kinds of family portraits are great for your wall at home and even make great gifts and greeting cards! Thanks for stopping in on the blog.   If you are a photographer, let me know how you handle family portraits of your family -  with YOU in the photo.
Family Portraits, Diana's Pool, Chaplin, CT

Just the Two of us!

Sneak Peek – Wright’s Mill Farm Wedding.

Here is a sneak peak of last weekends wedding which took place at the historic and beautiful Wright's Mill Farm in Canterbury, CT.  It is located in the northeast corner of the state.  A rural area with covered bridge, a pond and old barns.  I wonderful place for a June wedding and for couples who make the photography a priority.  This wonderful couple, Ashley and Jeremy, created a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception here at Wright's Mill Farm.  Take a look and stay tuned for more images to come.  Congratulations to Ashley and Jeremy on marriage.
Wedding Photography in CT

Family Portrait.

Kim Bova Photography, Wrights Mill Farm, Canterbury, CT

Walking down the aisle at the waterfall ceremony site.

CT Wedding Photography, Kim Bova Photography

The ring exchange. Pure joy!

Wright's Mill Farm, Canterbury, CT

The Wedding Party at the Covered Bridge.

Kim Bova Photography, CT Weddings

A quiet moment by the waterfall after the ceremony.

Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus, UCONN.

I loved photographing this gorgeous couple's Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN.   The UCONN campus is a park, a botanical garden, full of new and old architecture and a working farm!  So many photographic opportunities here, especially in the spring.  The trees were in full bloom, the grass was finally green and the skies cleared for us that day!

Good light can be found anywhere.

The trick is finding it with interesting backgrounds.  UCONN's Storrs campus is great for this as well.  On this day we photographed between 4:30 -6:30 pm.  The light was soft due to some fine clouds which diffused the sun, and the quality of light was warm because the sun was low in the afternoon sky.  This helps to create pleasing skin tones and I can get 'catch lights' in the eyes.  Open skies (not too many big trees or buildings to block the light) is important as well.  I had good light reflecting on the faces.  No flash or reflectors were used here, I just found some good open or directional light.  The last photo is back-lit as the sun was very low.  I wanted to create a rim of light on their faces.

Good locations are important for an Engagement Session.

I prefer locations that have variety.  Natural and man made spaces give plenty of variety and structure for composition, posing and finding overhangs of all kind to pose people in.  Photographing an Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN has this variety and is the reason I love it so much.

Meet Munzareen and Ashrafur.

They met here on the Storrs Campus at UCONN and will be married next month.  I will not be photographing their marriage as they are going home to Bangladesh to be with their families.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to photograph them here in Connecticut.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.  I hope you enjoy them. Congratulations to Munzareen and Ashrafur on your engagement and up coming wedding!

Engagement Session, CT Wedding Photography Engagement Session, Kim Bova Photography  Wedding Photography in CT, Kim Bova Photography  Engagement in CT by Kim Bova PhotographyEngaged in CT, Kim Bova PhotographyKim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography

High School Senior Photography that makes YOU look great!

I am excited about photographing many High School Seniors this summer.  So I am writing about High School Senior Photography that makes you look great.  The way I help you do this is by taking the focus off yourself.  Follow?  When your attention is off yourself, and you are having fun, you will look great!  We will talk, chat, laugh and focus on having fun with poses in the studio... and if you choose an on location session, we go to a special places you love and that have meaning for you!  I create a fun experience so that we can create photos that you look great in! Preparation is important, too.  Both of us have to prepare. I will meet you prior to your session in order to find out what makes you special and unique at this point in your life and learn about your interests and accomplishments.  Then we make a plan and pick a session that is appropriate for you.  I want to personalize the senior portrait experience for you. You just have to decide on and bring your favorite outfits and props that mean something to you to your session.  You know, things that represent who you are (musical instruments, sports gear, etc).  I had a senior who was a great baker bring her specialty cupcakes!  Everyone is unique and I invite you to make the most of it in your Senior Session! Being a High School Senior is a one time thing and it is actually a pretty cool time of life.  Think of it as a celebration of the journey from child to a young adult.  So I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than by capturing you in images enjoying yourself, being who you are while feeling and looking great. Call today to set up a free consultation about your senior portrait.   Summer is the time for the class of 2015 to have portraits done. And please look around my blog and senior page for more examples of my work. Here are a few images from a session I did a couple of weeks ago.  I just loved photographing this smart and talented senior!  Meet Lena.  Lena graduates this June and she decided she wanted a studio session only.  We had a blast!  These were her favorite images.  I loved our session together and I think she looks beautiful!  Thanks Lena, and congratulations!Kim Bova PhotographyKim Bova Photography, Senior PhotographyKim Bova PhotographySenior Portraits