High School Senior Portrait in Storrs, CT

High School Senior Portraits are one of my favorite kinds of sessions to do.

Big life changes come at this time of life- so capturing 'who you are now' in photos is important.  I am often asked, "Why schedule my High School Senior Portrait the summer before my senior year?  Why not in the fall or next spring?"  My answer is: Your Senior year is super busy with College applications, school sports, clubs or a job. It is hard to find time after school or even on weekends.  If you work in the summer, the days are long and more relaxed - and it's fun!

I believe in creating a good experience for my clients.

Many people hate being photographed because they never liked how they looked in their photos.  Guess what?  It's our job as pro photographers to make you look look good. Meet Miles. He is a high school senior and soon to be a freshman at UCONN in the fall.  Here are some samples from his High School Senior Portrait below.  First, his headshot in the studio.  I love this one because he looks confident and happy.   High School Senior Portrait, Studio Headshots, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors,

Include your pets or favorite things.

I strive to I create photos for my clients that you CANNOT get from the school photographers - such as photos with beloved pets. Look how relaxed and comfortable Miles was with his dogs. It was wonderful. Senior Portraits with DOGS, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors, Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors, He was in his element when was being snuggled and loved by his dogs!
Senior Portraits, Storrs CT, UCONN, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors,

We did a photo safari that took us around town including the UCONN campus where Miles will be a freshman in the fall.

If you will be a High School Senior next September think about calling me ASAP to make an appointment this summer.   We can discuss what is most important in your life right now and what you want to capture in your High School Senior Portraits.  It is a special time that is part of your personal history.  UCONN, Storrs CT, Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors, UCONN High School Senior Portrait, DOGS, Kim Bova Photography photographs HS Seniors, This photo is priceless and I am sure Miles and his family will treasure this one forever! One more thing - you have the option to bring a buddy to your session at $25 extra! They will get one print of the two of you together.  They are welcome to stay with you during the session for fun and moral support. (Pet dog buddies are free!) Thank you for reading my blog.  Feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss a post AND please pass this on to anyone you think will benefit. Kim

How to Photograph the Moon.

Lets look at how to photograph the moon. I had never photographed the moon intentionally, but because there was a Full Blood Wolf Moon on 1-21-19,  I just had to do it!  The cold did not deter me and I was very lucky that the sky became clear just an hour or so before the eclipse.  The only downside, it was 3 degrees outside. Upon finding that I could set up my camera and tripod just outside my front door, I decided to go for it! First, below is the composite photo I made of my efforts afterwards. I did not have a telescope or a super telephoto lens, but I did have a 200mm lens. It worked out pretty well. So if you do not have one, you could rent a telephoto lens for a couple of days from Borrow Lenses or any other rental outlet online or in your city and take a day to get acquainted with it.  Be careful, you may fall in love with it! You must also use a TRIPOD that you can easily adjust almost directly up to the sky and also move it as needed to stay guided on the moon's movement across space.  Please don't try this without a tripod, it is nearly impossible as your exposures will be as long as 3 seconds long. How to Photograph the Moon, Kim Bova Photography, Total Eclipse, Full Blood Wolf Moon 2019
Here are instructions for a manual DSLR camera with a 200mm lens or greater.

1-First turn off auto focus.

You must manually focus on the moon.  Then, find your self timer on the camera.  I found this helpful anyway to prevent camera movement when pressing the shutter button as the shutter can be set with the timer to go off a few seconds after you press the shutter button.  The vibration of the mirror up and down did not effect me at 1/200th of a second.  And , check your focus - it is a moving object so focus check each time.  I am a focus fanatic!

2- Use a DSLR camera and at least a 200 mm lens.  300-600mm is better.

I used a Nikon DSLR.

3- Dial in these 3 settings in ahead of time:  ISO 200, Shutter speed at 1/200 of a second and Aperture at F11.

These were my full moon settings and I never changed anything until the moon was partially covered during the eclipse, reason being, I wanted the sharpest images I could get. My shutter speed which controls the light entering the camera started at 1/200th of a second.  Aperture was set at F11 period and I never changed it.  This is a generally good setting to control sharpness in most DSLR cameras.

4- When the eclipse starts be ready to adjusted the shutter speed.

I changed my shutter to 160th of a second  as the shadow was 1/4 -1/3 across the moon. When halfway, I found I had to slow down the shutter speed almost every shot. (Let more light in as the moon gets darker)  My full eclipse exposure was at 3 seconds at f11, ISO 200.  Be careful to not touch the camera or tripod during a long exposure.  Your camera might be more or less light sensitive than mine, so get yourself in the ballpark BEFORE the eclipse begins and adjust as needed.  I shoot digital so I could monitor how things were going.
That is my best advice on how to photograph the moon, considering it was my first time.  Be aware that it was a clear calm winter sky, after midnight and the moon was high overhead.  These conditions are different than a moon rising over the mountains or ocean with humid air that is thick with moisture.  Be ready to adapt your settings to the conditions you are in.
Wow was it exciting! It really wasn’t that hard… it was harder to be in the cold and not freeze my fingers off!
I hope you will try it the next time we have a full moon or the next eclipse.  In 2 years there will be another total eclipse in our area… you have plenty of time to practice!

How to prepare for your Engagement Session

How to prepare for your Engagement Session - Tips from a professional photographer.

How to prepare for your engagement session is something I work on with my wedding clients.  I give these tips to all my clients and want to share them you with you. Over the past 10 years in my wedding and portrait business, I have helping my clients look their best so they feel at home in front of my camera. I'd like to teach you some simple concepts that will help you look and feel great during your engagement session (with the help of a professional photographer, of course!)  This photo here is one that I created for this couple last year.  Red was an important color for their wedding day.  They wanted it to be a part of the engagement session clothing choice... so I had to be careful how I posed them.  More on that in a minute. Best CT Wedding Photographers near me, How to prepare for your Engagement Session.

#1-The lightest thing in a photograph appears larger.

Dress up in that favorite outfit and then stand in front of the mirror and answer this question - What is the lightest color I see?   If the lightest thing is your face, PERFECT!  That is the most important part.  If it is your pants, shirt or shoes, it’s NOT so perfect.  The lightest thing in a photograph appears larger so unless you have a perfect figure it would be best to wear darker shades or dress in one color tone to create a slimming effect.  Your photographer will position you in the most flattering pose for you but they cannot change the color of your clothes so easily.  The colors you wear will help you look thinner.  I always make sure my clients faces are the brightest things in the photo.

#2- Bold patterns and colors attract the eye.

Fire engine red, brilliant pinks or yellows stick out like a sore thumb.  If you are the only one in red, you will stick out like a sore thumb in that photo, and as a result, you will look larger.  Neon colors,  bold  horizontal stripes or other large patterns do the same thing.  Small patterns in colors that coordinate with your outfit and your partner’s outfit are much prettier and slimming.

#3- Avoid sleeveless shirts or blouses.

Sleeveless tops are cool in summer and feel good.  However, unless your shoulders and upper arms are the same tone as the rest of you, don’t wear sleeveless.  This goes for the guys and gals - cover your arms or roll up your sleeves instead guys, it’s cool. Ladies, wear 3/4 sleeves.  Sleeves hide small imperfections in the shape of your arms and its more flattering.  If you lift weights and work out regularly and you like your arms, great- go for it!  But I do think that the covering as much skin as possible slims down everyone and makes everyone look their best.

#4 -  Coordinate color and style with your partner or family.

For engagements, I suggest you dress as if you’re going out to a nice lunch or casual dinner.  Talk to each other and coordinate colors and styles.  If your man is showing up in shorts and you in nice dress, probably not a great choice.  So talk to each other about it the week before so you have time to figure it out.  Best practice, lay clothes out on the bed or floor and see how they look together in color and styles. Then,  wear them to see if you are comfortable.   That is a big part of it too - be comfortable and happy in your clothes so you feel and look your best.

#5 -  Shoes matter.

When I photograph my couples, it is may be the first time they have ever had photos together.  They might be a little nervous so I start the shoot with them walking together or sitting down on something a little farther from me.  This means their feet will be in the photographs.  So wearing white sneakers and socks will not rock your session.  Closed shoes with socks that match your pants or nice sandals will look so much better.  If you are at the beach most likely you will not have shoes on.  During my sessions, even at the seashore, I insist that my people bring closed shoes and sandals so we have choices.  A small bag in the trunk with extras and alternates are really helpful and come in handy so if you decide you made a wrong choice - you still have option

Pulling it all together.

So the photo above addresses most of these concepts:  The color red was a theme for them so I snuggled them together to minimize the amount of red that showed.  I found a background that had red brick tones (blurred out) but which pulled it all together tonally.  They coordinated their outfits beautifully, their faces are the lightest thing in the photo, his sleeves were perfect rolled up, they dressed like they were going out to dinner and they looked relaxed and radiant. These are things I talk about with all my clients.  I always meet up in person with my clients so I can see who I am photographing and we can discuss all these things to help make their session fun and awesome. I hope this was helpful to prepare you for your engagement session or any portrait session actually.  Check out my weddings here, then give me a call to set up a time to chat about your engagement or wedding day photography to see if we can work together. That's all for now.  Spread the love on Valentine’s Day and please leave a comment so I know you were here. Thank you, Kim

Planning Your Senior Portrait Session

Planning Your Senior Portrait Session, HS Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Fall Portraits,

Planning Your Senior Portrait Session.

So make sure to start planning your senior portrait session at the end of your junior year in high school.  You will have more time to be photographed in the summer when the weather is good and the days long.  OR, like I did with Lexi here, in the fall of your senior year - BUT plan it early, there are only so many weekends in October and the weather is not always good. I ALWAYS make rain dates.

Big Changes Ahead.

Once a student graduates from High School, everything changes.  It happened with my two sons.  The changes personally and physically are enormous.  In fact, every parent of my high school senior portrait clients say the same thing one year later, "We are so happy we had a senior portrait safari with you, our daughter has grown up so much since then!"   

Interview Photographers in you area.

Find an experienced photographer and look at their work.  Make a date to chat with them in person well in advance so you can get a session date that works for you.  There are limited weekends for fall portrait dates at the peak of color.  I will shoot during the week if school schedules allow.  I usually meet many weeks prior to our session for 30 minutes or so.  We discuss what kind of photos my senior wants, I tell them how I work with my seniors in order to capture who they are right now.  I show them photo samples, possible locations, what to bring to the session and find out what they want to do with the photographs after the shoot.  I show them wall prints,  books and albums that I have created for previous clients to get an idea of what they might like for themselves. Meet Lexi, a young lady who loves riding horses.  She could not bring a horse, so she brought her saddle.  We had a great day on the Joshua Trust property near my studio and made some great portraits last fall.  Take a look here- Planning Your Senior Portrait Session, HS Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Fall Portraits,Planning Your Senior Portrait Session, HS Senior Portraits, Fall Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Fall Portraits, Then we had a change of clothes and continued our  'photo safari' to a few more of my favorite autumn locations and made these images below. Planning Your Senior Portrait Session, HS Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Fall Portraits,Planning Your Senior Portrait Session,High School Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, CT Portrait PhotographersPlanning Your Senior Portrait Session, HS Senior Portraits, Kim Bova Photography, Fall Portraits, Stay tuned for more senior portrait session photos coming soon! Contact me anytime if you are interested in planning your senior portrait session.  If you are a junior in high school, let's start a conversation to see if I am the right photographer for you! Thank you for visiting my blog. Kim

Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT

I stepped into a field of Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT at the Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flower show in March.  I was overcome and intoxicated by the scent, the colors and the beauty.  This is what I saw.  Enjoy.
Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT, Macro Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flowers Show, Hartford, CT


Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT, Macro Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flowers Show, Hartford, CT


Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT, Macro Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flowers Show, Hartford, CT

'Come To Me'

Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT, Macro Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flowers Show, Hartford, CT

'Delicate Breath'

Spring Flowers in West Hartford, CT, Macro Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Elizabeth Park Greenhouse Flowers Show, Hartford, CT


The intention behind these photographs of Spring Flowers, were to capture images that reflected the feeling I had upon entering the Elizabeth Park Greenhouse in West Hartford a couple of weeks ago in March.  I guess it was a long winter.  Viewing the wash of color and intense aroma of these tulips took my breath away.  I just stood there breathing in and looking at the array of colors and the variety in size and shape.   Once I returned to earth, I decided a macro lens would give me the 'feeling' of dreamy, intoxication that I experienced being in the presence of these gorgeous blooms. Therefore, I used a very shallow field of focus, that is, a large aperture on the camera settings like f2-f4.  I wanted a wisp of focus, no details needed, but just enough to be drawn in my the lure of these beauties.   If you love spring flowers, make sure you put it in your calendar for next March, to get yourself to the Elizabeth Park Greenhouses for the Spring Flower Show .  Check their website because the flowers may bloom earlier or later depending on our weather.  This year they bloomed early and I almost missed it - I luckily got myself there on the last day!   If you are interested in prints of my tulip photographs, please contact me by email, phone, or text.  Please share this link with anyone who may be interested in my work, either my Art prints or Wedding & Portrait services.  Thank you. Enjoy your spring as the colors and blossoms emerge.  Kim.  

April Snow!

April snow in CT today!  Just hoping it melts very fast. April Snow, Kim Bova Photography April Snow, Kim Bova Photography, April Snow, KimBovaPhotography, Spring Snow in New England. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave

Summer Dreaming In March.


Do you miss summer as much as I do?  Well, with another n'or easter rolling into Connecticut today, I am really done with winter.  Earlier today I was reading a blog post about how going to the beach is so healthy for your mind and body and found myself lost in a fit of summer dreaming.  Since it is not a good beach day I started photographing my seashell collection.  Yes, it is kind of dorky, but I love photographing pretty things.  Still, I would rather feel some warm sand under my feet and smell the ocean air.  Hopefully, today is the last snow storm of the season!
Summer Dreaming, Summer in New England, Seashell Love

A little Seashell Love

Summer Dreaming, Kim Bova Photography, Shell Still life

My Favorite Beaches

I feel very lucky to live here in southern New England because there are many nice beaches a few hours away.  These shells and crab leg (above) come from my visits to Cape Cod's  National Seashore .   If you go there in the warm months, the beaches are amazing before 8 am and after 5 pm.  (Less people and free parking.)  We like the open space and feeling like we have more beach to ourselves.  Here is a great spot I found early one morning on the National Seashore in Wellfleet, MA.  Some signs of erosion over the past year or so... but still beautiful. National Seashore, Cape Cod, USA, Kim Bova Photography

Did you know:

  • A walk on warm sandy beaches activates thousands of nerve endings in your feet that are therapeutic.
  • Sand exfoliates your feet and skin and makes them feel softer.
  • The nutrients in sea water help retain our skin elasticity.
  • And the sun and fresh air help our mood.  Just thinking about these things cheers me up!
Click here for the blog post about how going to the beach is great for mind and body and start planning your summer beach get away. Look like the snow is starting to fly now so it will be time for me to get out there and shovel soon.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and please leave me a note about your favorite beach anywhere in the world!  I would love to know about it.                             SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave