Peak season engagement session in Connecticut!

Tiffany and Bill gave me the honor of photographing them yesterday at the peak of  fall foliage season here in Connecticut. What a day! We did dodge some raindrops, the sun peaked out for a few minutes and we were grateful that it was comfortably warm.  We walked the grounds of the Wadsworth Mansion, Wadsworth Falls and Lyman Orchards in the Middletown area.  Here are some of my favorite images from the afternoon.  Thank you Tiffany and Bill and congratulations on your engagement! Please leave a comment or visit some of my portrait and wedding galleries on this site.  Thanks for visiting by blog!

Zahra and Sina to be married!

I had the honor of photographing two stunningly beautiful people this weekend.  UConn students of Engineering, Zahra and Sina came to me for their photo session before their engagement/wedding party on Saturday.  I wish you both the best!

Portraits are Precious Time Capsules for Families.

In the last few days as I balance work with family and personal time, I managed to spend some special time with my youngest son Matt.  He is almost 16, I can hardly believe it!  Well, I made a point to photograph him today, remembering that I am still the one that will document my own family in photographs which I view as precious time capsules of family history .  Here is one favorite photo from today.  Meet Matt.  He is an incredible young man; a wonderful son, a talented drummer, an honest and loyal friend to his buddies and a french honor student.  He is about to go back to school tomorrow to be a junior in High School.  I am very proud of him.

Bride and Groom Portraits

Meet my new friends, Gretchen and Armond. They were married last September, and came to me for a formal portrait in their wedding clothes.  What an amazing and beautiful couple!  I have to share these with you. I just loved the Scottish attire! They look like a royal couple! Gretchen mentioned that is was great to do it after the wedding – I photographed them in my studio where they were cool and comfortable.  Think about this option if you would like a formal bridal or bride and groom portrait.  It was great fun, too!

This is the time to update that headshot or portrait!

Now that the new year is underway, update that headshot.  Don’t settle for last years photo!  You’ve been working out and have a new hair-do, you look your best right now.  In fact, you will never look as good as you do today! Give me a call now. Here is Sue, she actually got it done!  Great job, Sue!  You look beautiful!

Family portraits: For future generations.

I would like to share with you one reason why I love my job.  Just a few weeks before Christmas,  I received a call from a man named Tom asking me to created a few portraits as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife.  The images were to include their two grown kids with the family dog, Bailey.  We had a great session and I was very excited to hear how the surprise went.  On Christmas morning I kept thinking about how the handful of clients that were surprising their loved ones that morning with portraits were doing! The day after Christmas I found this letter in my email box.  It was from Tom conveying the whole story of how it all went at his house Christmas morning! _____________________________________________________________________ Hi Kim:  Merry Christmas.  I hope all your family arrived safely and that you had a wonderful day. Well my wife was overwhelmed with the portraits.  I framed the large 16×20 as well as the three 8×10’s.  As she was opening her presents she opened one of the 8×10’s which included Bailey first. Her reaction was priceless;   I haven’t seen tears of joy like that since I gave her a nice […]

Cool idea for ‘Save the Date’ card!

Meet my new friends and clients, Pamela and Jason.  They drove all the way down from Massachusetts to meet me before the snow storm yesterday for a photo session in the freezing cold.   Why? We shot for their totally awesome ‘save the date’ card! The card will have a bunch of ‘paparazzi style’ images of them and maybe I will post the end product here.  In the mean time – here is one of my favorite images of them. Can you guess where we shot this?  Yes, in Connecticut; yes, just before the snow storm….humm

The Benefit of Holiday Portraits

The benefit of holiday portraits are that you can capture images of your children at this time of year that you cannot get at any other time.  It was not easy for the parents of these two beautiful girls to convince their youngest, a tomboy of sorts, to get dressed up again this year for their portrait session at Kim Bova Photography.   But because it is that time of year for wearing fancier clothes for the holidays – it was easier to convince them.  We had so much fun in our portrait session, we even played hide and go seek, that they really did not think about what they were wearing!  Besides, the real benefit is that families can have gorgeous images of their children in a formal portrait.  A nice change from the snapshots that are captured by parents all year round!  As precious as those snaps are,  there is nothing that can compare with a professional portrait to record this moment in a childs life.