CT Wedding Moments: When the photographer is invisible.

I have been meeting with many engaged couples lately and I noticed that most of them are concerned about how the photographer(s) work at capturing natural images.  My clients want images where the subjects are not distracted from the action by a photographer who keeps telling them to smile, or pose etc.  So I thought I would post just a few that show what happens when I make myself invisible.  There are many more.. but this gives an idea of how I work and some moments that are captured while the subjects are unaware. The first one here is the couple enjoying the walk back from out portrait session after the ceremony.  I walked a head and waited until they were engrossed in conversation.  They didn’t know I was still photographing them.   Here is Dad, sitting on the bed looking up at his beautiful daughter as her mother arranged her veil.  I could not have caught that expression if I made myself visible.  I like to ‘shoot through’ as well.   This mother and daughter was a grab shot as I walked through the cocktail hour.  There was a nice connection between them that attracted my eye.   And […]

Connecticut’s Wedding Venue -The Waterview, is Perfect for Intimate Moments

Here is a look at a few details and quiet moments from one of my favorite weddings of last season.  If you are looking for a beautiful venue, professional and helpful staff, check out the Waterview in Monroe, Connecticut.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  There was an abundance of natural light everywhere which I love!  There are many large windows which made a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, the bride and her details. Once it cooled down outdoors, the garden area offered me some beautiful reflected light for more portraits. Thanks for visiting my blog.  Feel free to leave a comment, subscribe or simply check back soon! 🙂

Wedding at Amarante’s Seacliff New Haven

Congratulations to Petra-Ann and Derrick who were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family – many who came from Jamaica! I had a great time photographing these gorgeous people.  As usual, Amarante’s Seacliff did a great job!   Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day.   First, a quiet few moments with mom and dad. Bubbles kept the kids busy while we waited for everyone to arrive! And at last, even after dark we had portraits to do down by the water at Amarantes…. the skyline and the evening was beautiful!  

Garden Wedding in Connecticut.

It was the hottest day of July when Anna and Graham were married.  But it was one of those lovely garden weddings that I just love.  It all took place at Scot Free Farm, the home of Grahams parents in the Quiet Corner of Connecticut.  Surrounded by family and friends, good home cooked food and drink, they were married in a flower garden under a canopy to give relief from the hot sun.  Weddings don’t have to be formal or fancy, and this one was casually elegant, just right for this wonderful couple!  It was personal and relaxed, and everyone including the flower girl had a grand time! She actually enjoyed going down the isle! Their faithful dog took part in the  ceremony, too!

Weddings and Hurricanes Don’t Mix!

Hurricane Irene is closing in and I am thinking of all the people who either canceled their wedding or are hoping they can get it in before the storm hits.  My best to you and hoping all is well.  I am actually ok with the fact that I do not have a wedding to photograph this weekend.  My husband, Peter, and I spent the morning clearing out the garage so we could get the cars in, bringing all the potted plants in, clearing the deck of furniture, filling bathtubs and cooking up some tasty food ahead of time in case there are power outages. Also, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my 16 year old son, Matt, who just completed a 400 mile bike ride with two buddies.  They are coming home today, one day early due to the storm.  They made their goal!  Mansfield, CT to Bar Harbor, Maine!  They got there last evening, and turned it around this morning without much of a visit there.  Thankfully, they are getting a ride home by car.  What an adventure.  What a week!  Now, what a weekend, due to Irene!  Stay safe everyone, evacuate if you need to, no heroics […]

Connecticut Weddings that are Unique to You.

I have been speaking to many Connecticut Brides lately who are planning their wedding for next season, and I find it interesting that many of them are working to create very personal and unique wedding plans.  Lots of attention is being paid to the talents of their guests and utilizing those talents in the wedding preparations such as the entertainment or details.  This is a  wonderful idea to me as so many weddings for the guests attending can be hum-drum.  Incorporating the talents of family and friends to make it a really special day is fantastic!  I recently attended a wedding like this where I was the photographer for a close friend, all her musicians were the couples friends, and the flowers, invitations and other details were also created by friends!  All of them were paid for their time and expertise as well, but many guests were involved as vendors, which made it fun and very personal for everyone.  So if you are planning a Connecticut Wedding this may give you some ideas to make your day extra personal and unique to you as a couple.

Priya & Andy’s Wedding at the Riverhouse!

Priya and Andy were married on Saturday at The Riverhouse.  It was a morning ceremony and the weather was perfect.  The Riverhouse’s beautiful setting – a modern and unique patio with a beautiful garden was the ideal backdrop!  Congratulations Priya and Andy –  it was an honor to photograph your wedding.  Here are a few favorites from the day.   Very unique gift for the guests…a little live plant beautifully packaged!   A quiet moment before the reception..   Our beautiful bride!   And the beautiful gown by Maggie Sottero!

Waterview Wedding in Connecticut!

I had the honor of photographing the Wedding of Lauren and Anthony at the Waterview in Monroe, CT.   It was a lovely ceremony which was held inside due to the wet weather.  The ceremony room and reception tables were beautifully decorated with flowers by Elizabeth of Blush Floral Design. I loved this special moment between Lauren and her mother just before the ceremony. Lauren wore an amazing dress which looked comfortable and gorgeous! …..and Tony looked great as well. After the ceremony and formal photos, Lauren returned wearing these shoes and a cute short dress for the party! Anthony changed his shoes as well! Congratulations to Lauren and Tony!  AND a thank you to Jean Molodetz for her help as second photographer.  Your images speak volumes,  and I look forward to working together again soon. Other vendors: Big Apple Entertainment -DJ, Inspiration in Motion– videographers

Celebrating Love in Connecticut!

I am celebrating the love between Petra and Derrick on the blog today!  These two very special people are to be married in October and I look forward to their wedding at Amarante’s! They were right at home in the fields around my studio in Mansfield, CT.   The love I saw and felt between them warmed my heart! I feel that the engagement session is an opportunity for engaged couples to capture something special for themselves that they may not have another chance to do.  These days leading up the the wedding day are very special. Thank you, guys, for a wonderful afternoon together. Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Check back for other engagements, weddings and portraits; and friend me on facebook, too!

More Wedding Tips.

Scheduling the portraits on the wedding day is a smart way to make sure that you have the images you desire.  This family portrait was taken last week at the wedding of Melanie and Jeff at Amarante’s Seacliff in New Haven.  When working with my brides and grooms, I ask them for a list of “must have” portraits.  This includes friends and extended family, and I speak with them a couple of weeks before to discuss the best time that day to do these.   Not every couple wants this, that is fine, but if you have in mind that you want these kinds portraits from your wedding, it is a good idea to let your photographer know in writing. The formal portraits are usually taken before or after the ceremony.  For me this includes the wedding party, parents and grandparents.  I then make every effort to learn the timing of the day so we know when we can set up the other portraits.  Right after dinner, in between parent dances and cake is an possible time, everyone is in the room so they won’t miss these events.  Doing this ahead of time is important so there is time to alert […]