Seeing Value in Professional Family Portraits

Seeing value in professional family portraits is something I think everyone realizes, but can’t aways make time for.  I have fully documented my family in photographs since our children were born.  There have been times that I’ve thought twice about investing the time and energy into this ritual.  We all feel too busy, a little camera shy or perhaps we have had unhappy experiences being photographed at one time or another.  I hear these stories from my clients.  Creating family portraits for my clients is one of my passions and a very rewarding part of my work.

Seeing Value in Professional Family Portraits On Your Walls.

Professionals know how to photograph all kinds of body types and we study the best way to compliment everyone.  We understand light and composition and how to handle kids who just want to have fun and not stand still, or who don’t want to smile right now.  My clients come to me because they see the value and the difference between the photos I can create for them and snapshots they make themselves.  They hang them on their walls so they can get the most enjoyment out of them.

Seeing Value In Professional Family Portraits, CTPortraitPhotographers, Kim Bova Photography,

My goals as a professional photographer:

  • To create a family portrait or a series of portraits that show who my clients are as a family.
  • Show the connections and love for each other while creating images that preserve a moment in time for for years to come.
  • Plan the portrait session before hand in order to get to know the family I am photographing to capture their personalities.
  • Make it a fun experience.

Where do I like to photograph families?

Your portraits can be created almost anywhere.

  • In natural environments.
  • Urban settings.
  • In your back yard or home.
  • In my studio.

Locations that best represent your family is what I prefer.I can also suggest plenty of wonderful locations with great light and backgrounds for my clients.  Not every backyard is good for portraits.

Seeing Value In Professional Family Portraits, CTPortraitPhotographers, Kim Bova Photography,

Client Feedback:

I asked Monica, the mother of this family highlighted here, for a testimonial about her experience with me after her portraits were delivered and hanging on her walls at home.  Here is what she wrote:

“Our eldest child was leaving the house to go to college. This felt like a moment to be marked with a family photograph. My biggest fear was being nudged into a style of photo that did not match our sense of who we are as a family. I was already reassured that this was unlikely to happen when I saw Kim’s photos on her website. I was further reassured when I met Kim in person. Kim took the time to ask us questions to learn about what we wanted and why. She took many different kinds of shots, suggested different set ups, and ensured that we had a lot to choose from. When we sat down to look at which ones we liked the most, she did not rush us and offered helpful insights. While in some ways a professional family portrait felt like a splurge, we enjoy Kim’s photos every day and I’m very glad we did it.”


Seeing Value In Professional Family Portraits, CTPortraitPhotographers, Kim Bova Photography,

Seeing value in professional family portraits directly link to the printed image.  Preserving images of our loved ones is so important for our kids and grandchildren.  “Who were my great grandparents?”  Family Portraits and the stories that go along with them help answer that question.

Interested in a professional family portrait?  Please reach out via my contact page or just give me a call at: 860-230-8828.  I would love to plan your session with you!


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