Fall Portrait Sessions – Booking Now.

Fall Portrait Sessions are a favorite of mine.  Autumn seems to be arriving early this year so I would like to encourage you to get a jump on scheduling a portrait session time for yourself, significant other, family, pets, or all of the above!  The days are warm and the evenings cool – perfect weather for portraits here in Connecticut!

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There are limited weekend days so hurry and call me if that is your only time to schedule your Fall Portrait Sessions, or I am available on weekday afternoons after school or work as well.

Things to think about:

1-Portraits make create holiday gifts for family.  Why not get a jump of the holiday shopping?  Portrait gifts make it easy to create a personal gift that can be shared with many family members.  Family portraits are priceless, especially to parents and grandparents.  Whether they are far away or living close by, grandparents love having your beautiful faces and smiles on their wall or mantle all year round.


2- Children grow up fast. (Although I realize, sometimes it feels really slow) Time flies and before you know it you may realize that you do not have a professional quality family portrait that is up to date.  Right NOW is a great time to do it!


3- What to wear?  This is one of the things that my clients worry about the most.  PLEASE don’t.  I have helped many families through this at my portrait consultations.  Believe me, it is not as hard as you think.  Just keep it simple and wear the clothes you feel comfortable in (therefore you will feel  like yourselves)  and pick two main complimentary colors like in this example below (blues and maroons with with black pants, or it could have been with jeans) and it usually works out great!  I can give you my Clothing Ideas for Family Portraits when you call or meet with me.

So call today and schedule your fall portrait session.  You will be happy you did.

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