What should we wear for our engagement session?

My wedding clients often ask:  ‘What should we wear for our engagement session?’

Here are some answers to this common question-

1- Wear something that reflects your personality and that you feel good in.  This will help you feel comfortable especially if you’ve never had a professional photographer photograph you before.  Some of my clients have told me that they were nervous at first and that wearing something comfortable and familiar made them feel like themselves.  I photograph many couples in jeans as well, so as long as you feel at home in the clothes you wear, it will allow you to be yourself. Kim Bova Photography, Engagement Session CT, what should we wear for our engagement session?

2- Find clothes that flatter your figure.  How do you do this?  Here is an important photographic fact that will help you: The lightest color in a photograph will appear larger.  Hmm, how about that!  We all have some some body issue that we do not appreciate when we see ourselves in photos.  It could be those few pounds we have been meaning to lose or something you don’t like about your figure.  Try to avoid wearing large horizontal stripes as it may draw attention to the part you don’t like.  Also, if your arms or legs are paler than your face, cover them up!  They will only look larger.  Your face should be the brightest part of the photo.  However, if your engagement session is on a bright beach, white can look really nice like in the photo above.  Adam’s smaller stripes in his shirt complement Stephanie’s white shirt and I also positioned her slightly behind Adam to minimize the white shirt and accentuate Adam’s broad shoulders.  If you want to take attention away from any part of the body, cover it up, wear darker tones or small patterns instead of bold ones.  For women, a flowing dress or skirt can be very flattering.  Solid colors or very small patterns in a dress, blouse or top are wonderful.  Guys can go ‘untucked’ or wear a vest or jacket like the couple in the photo below.  In these photos, the faces and hands are the brightest lights in the images.
Engagement session clothing ideas. Kim Bova Photography, CT wedding Photographer, What should we wear for our engagement session?

3- Dress as if you are going out for lunch or a casual dinner for your engagement photo session.  That means step it up a notch like Andrea and Jim above.

4- Coordinate colors.  If you and your fiancé lay out your clothes next to each other you will find some complementary colors.  Example: yellow and blue, green and red are opposites on the color wheel. (Click here to see the color wheel.)  Different shades of each color can be tried out to find some good complementary clothes to at your engagement session.  Find your favorite blouse or dress with multiple colors and pick one for the shirt color that your fiancé may already have in his closet!  Look how nice this color combo looks below.  This couple chose to be more casual.

Kim Bova Photography, Engagement Sessions in CT, What should we wear for our engagement session?

5- Location and style choices.  Where is your engagement session taking place?  The location will influence your clothing choices.  Wear what is appropriate for a city landscape and likewise, what is good for the country.  This may be obvious for some, but I have had couples show up in clothes that were more appropriate for a night out dancing than for a country setting in the fall.  High heels are difficult in meadows and fields.

Engagement Sessions, Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photographer, Kim Bova Photography, what to wear for our engagement session

6- Bring a couple of changes of clothes.   Having different outfits to be photographed in gives you more variety.  For example, start with a dress and change to jeans.  Or, guys in a button-down shirt can change into something more casual.  This gives you options when you pick the final photos and helps with variety in an album.

So what you are going to do with your engagement photos?  Will one or more images be printed up for family gifts or for your own walls?  Are you going to use them in a sign-in guest book for the reception table?  Maybe you only want one image for the newspaper and wedding announcements.  These decisions will help you know exactly what to wear to your engagement session.

If these are the first professional photos of you as a couple, print them up and enjoy them on your walls or in an album.  They will last for a lifetime!

I hope this answers the question, ‘What should I wear for my engagement session?’   Your clothing choices, your expressions and interaction together in your engagement photos are what will communicate your love for each other.  That is what will make your engagement photos the best ever.  So pick out some favorite clothes and have fun with it!

Give me a call if you have any questions or if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your engagement and wedding.  We can see if we are a good match to work together.   Thanks for stopping by my blog and feel free to sign up for my newsletter on my website for more helpful information about Weddings and Engagements, portraits and more.

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