Professional Headshots: Standout In Your Field.

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As a photographer who mainly specializes in Wedding and Portraits, I do plenty of professional headshots as well.  I love doing them because I know this service is extremely helpful to business people of all kinds, but I also get to meet some of the most interesting people who are creating cool things!

One of those people is Matthew P. Winkler.  He is an author and speaker regarding issues in mentoring kids and teenagers.  Matthew has taught and mentored teenagers at middle schools, high schools, and colleges in New York, New England, China, and Japan.  He currently serves as the Visiting Writer at South Kent School in Connecticut.  He conducts presentations and workshops related to his book, ‘Mentoring Teenage Heroes: The Hero’s Journey of Adolescence’, and his video “What Makes a Hero?” a TED-ED lesson with over 3 million views.

Matthew called me because his DIY headshot attempt did not work well plus, the competition in the writer/speaker arena is steep and he needed to stand out.  Matthew is a dynamic speaker and writer with a vision so he needed something that reflected who he was.  He asked me for an indoor studio look and outdoor look for his professional headshots.  We worked together to make it happen and here is what we created.

Professional Headshots, Headshot Crew, Kim Bova Photography, CT Headshots, Headshots for Business

Professional Headshots, Kim Bova Photography, Headshot Crew, CT Headshots, Headshots for Business

Professional Headshots, Headshots for business, Kim Bova Photography, Headshot Crew, CT Headshots

Headshot photography, Kim Bova Photography, Headshots for Business, CT Headshots, Headshot Crew

Kim Bova Photography, Professional Headshots, Headshot Crew, CT Headshots, Headshot for Business

So, it speaks to your professionalism to have take the time to have a great headshots created for your marketing.  Call me to schedule a free consultation today.  Here is a link to pricing and some information about my headshot program.

Matthew’s work is really worth checking out so please follow these links below.  If you know someone who works with teens or has teenagers in their lives, do share.

Author of,  ‘Mentoring Teenage Heros: The Hero’s Journey of Adolescence’, and narrator of ‘What Makes a Hero?’.  

See his new headshots on his website, plus a photo Matthew took of both of us creating his headshots!

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