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Travel Photography, France, Honfleur, Kim Bova Photography

Honfleur, France.  On the southern quay stands the 14th-century Church of St.-Etienne, Honfleur’s oldest building.  The reflections here was amazing at various times of day.

Travel Photography has always been a love of mine.  Since I was young and traveled with my parents, I loved to make photos of the places we visited here in the U.S.  Many of you may know that I took some time off from my usual work of Wedding and Portrait Photography and went to Europe on a personal trip.   I went with my family to five countries over the course of 3 weeks.  I do not consider myself a Landscape artist, but I love making photographs of anything and anywhere.  I actually ditched my professional photo gear for those 3 weeks and brought a relatively inexpensive mirrorless camera with me.  We decided to travel light with backpacks only which was a great decision.  I picked up Lumix G85 with a 12-35 lens (the mirrorless equivalent to a 24-70mm lens).  I was happy I did, though I did miss the amazing quality of my Nikon camera and lenses.  I took it as a challenge to make the best images I could with what I had.

I absolutely fell in love with France some years ago and have been back twice now.  I also took time to learn some french which made this trip the best ever.  Highly recommended for a better experience in a foreign country.  I will begin with the little town of Honfleur which sits on the coast of Normandy where the Seine meets the English Channel.

Honfleur, France, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

This was a fortress town because of its location on the Seine and English Channel.  The older building upper left, was part of the original fortifications and is dedicated to Samuel de Champlain who was busy exposing Canada at that time.  They called this building, ‘The Lieutenant’.

Here is the northern quay in the evening, you see tall narrow houses with slate roofs which date back to the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.  A lovely spot to eat and drink local cider.  Had to be careful as we sat eating – the swallows were nesting under the eaves and I was christened by one as it flew in and out feeding its young. Missed my plate luckily.

This area is famous for Cider and we drank plenty of it.  My son is an Orchardist and makes his own cider, so he researched the best places to go.   Within a mile of town we found this Cider House called Manor d’Apreval.  (  The owner is Agathe Letelier. Her family has been there for many generations making this earthy and delicious cider.

She only uses organic methods passed down through the generations.  The cows graze among the apple trees to feed the soil.  I have never tasted anything as delicious and unique than the cider we had there.  An experience I will not soon forget.  Plus, we went early in the season in May, so no tourists were there, just us!

The Cider Trail, Normandy, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography, Normandy, France

The tasting room is inside this building. We spent a good hour with Agathe discussing her methods in making cider. This is where it started here in this region of France. It was an amazing experience.  So go early when they open if possible to avoid large crowds, or go early in the season like we did in May!  Nothing like a personal cider tasting with Agathe!

The Cider Trail, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography, Normandy, France

They were repairing the thatch roof on the storage house that day!  Wonderful to watch how they do it.

Kim Bova Photography, Normandy, Honfleur, France, Travel Photography

The unique stone walls and streets of Honfleur.  We walk everywhere around this beautiful town.  Many galleries are here as well, as many painters such a Boudin lived and painted here.  Also Erik Satie, the musician and composer also was born and lived here.  There are museums for each of them and are definitely worth a visit.


Travel Photography, Kim Bova Photography, Honfleur, France,

Loved the colors and variety of stone over the centuries. A well preserved town because it was untouched in WWII.

Honfleur, France, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

Morning before the town came to life. A view of the north side of the town on our walk to the beach.  A little distorted by my wide angle lens – it is NOT and leaning tower.

Honfleur, France, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

On the Beach looking out at the English Channel with our shadows… proof that we were there!

I will continue to share my travel photography from this adventure, so check back soon for more of France images . Up next will be Mont St. Michel, the amazing World Heritage Site.

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