Exploration 2017


Remember when you were a little kid, everything was new and exploration was a daily activity?  I have chosen the word Exploration as my word for 2017 and I am really excited about it.

My intentions behind this choice is:

  1. Let Exploration imbue all that I do.
  2. Use this word to help me continue to grow as a person and photographer.
  3. To have fun and let the kid in me be rediscovered.

The best part is, I am excited to explore!

If you have a word to inspire you this year and you’re willing to share it here … I would love it if you would reply to this post.   There is power in this practice!

Exploration, Kim Bova Photography, Photos of Winter in CT

Winter Blues. I love the view from my front yard here on Wormwood Hill. The colors and textures change with the seasons.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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