Kim’s End of Year Review

What a year this was.  We probably all need some time to reflect on it and that is what I have been doing as I end my wedding and portrait season this week.  Hence, my End of Year Review!

This year, 2016, there was disruption, excitement of all kinds, plus many wonderful things, too.  In my business – my wedding clients were the best ever, all of you so interesting and creative how you planned the perfect wedding celebrations to share your love with family and friends.  I am grateful for my returning clients who’ve come back every year or so to record life’s milestones.  Thank you.  I have enjoyed every minute with you all!

This year stretched me and challenged me to see familiar things in new ways.  There is always something new to learn and this year came with opportunities to grow.  I decided early in 2016 to have a word for the year.  It was – ‘Effortlessness’.  I did manage to find moments personally and in my work that became effortless.  Quite amazing, actually.  I will find a new word for 2017 that will inspire and push me forward again.

I decided to limit this End of Year Review to 8 photos.  It was definitely a challenge.  The images I chose include clients I have spent a lot of time with over the years, and those clients that sat in front of my camera for only a few minutes, and in doing so,  gave something of themselves to the photo and me.  I wish I could include everyone, but that would be to large a task and too long a post.

So, thank you to all of you who entrusted me with your wedding, event, headshot or portrait this year.  If I did not include you here, please know that it is not because I did not care about you or that something was not good enough… I chose to share those moments that were unexpected or that stood out in a unique way for me.  Please know that each one of you are special to me.

Here goes –

Warm, Music in CT, Band_Warm, Kim Bova Photography, End of Year Review, CT Portrait and Wedding Photographer

This is a band that I photographed on Talcott Mountain in CT.  We spent more time hiking to the top then actually photographing!  It was a pleasure to get to know these guys and create a series of photos for their new album.   Check out their album here [link]

Travel Photography, Indianapolis, IN, Kim Bova Photography Year End Review

The center of Indianapolis! I was hired to do some work in this city last summer and part of my job was to capture nice scenics of the city. This is the Soldiers and Sailors War memorial. It reminds me of Europe. This was view from my hotel room. It is a long exposure to capture the car lights and give an idea of the street life at night. It really is painting with light as the cars moved thru the streets.  I never went up to the top but I hear there is a great view from there as well.  I love landscape photography and it gave me a chance to spread my wings a little.

End of year review, Kim Bova Photography, CT Portrait Photography

This one touches my heart. This moment is during a larger family portrait session. They were unaware of me, a quick moment of just simply enjoying each other and feeling the love.

Parks Superior Limosines and Cars, CT, End of Year Review, Headshot Photographer CT

I have been photographing this business called Parks Superior  the last few years.   This is Sam.  He is a mechanic there and services the limousines. This session was on site and was scheduled to create up to date images of all the employees for the company website. I was struck by Sam’s naturalness and he did not seem to mind this task that so many hate doing – having a headshot done.  I think I made 2 exposures.  It took one minute or less.  I just asked him to sit there and be himself.  He gave me great connection and eye contact.  There was nothing I could have done to make it better. I thought that was cool.  Thanks, Sam.

End of Year Review, Kim Bova Photography, CT Portrait Photographer

Meet Adam. Here is a person who does not like having his photo taken. He came to me as a senior in high school 4 years ago ONLY because his mom insisted.  He is actually a friend of my son.  They were buddies in high school and I had not seen him in years! Now that he has graduated college his mom asked him to come again for portraits. He agreed thank goodness, and I am very happy he did.  Somehow he felt comfortable enough to let this smile fly and show his warm and friendly personality –  This is the Adam I remember from years ago hanging out with my son.  Just love that I could capture this handsome young man in a portrait, again.

CT Portrait Photographer, End of Year Review, Kim Bova Photography

I don’t do a lot of maturnity sessions, but Petra Ann was a wedding client of mine and now comes back for family portraits.  This was her first pregnancy and I am thrilled she asked me to do this for her.  This photo was after we did others in her own clothing. I asked her to give me a chance to try some thing new… so we made her a dress out of a length of tulle and created this Studio Portrait a few weeks before her son was born.

CTWeddingPhotographer, Kim Bova Photography

One of my favorite wedding portraits this year. I only chose this one because I was struck by the attention to detail that this couple had in creating their wedding day and how that amazing veil and dress looked in that late day light.  Her veil, bouquets, and many other details were hand made by this very talented bride and it made the whole experience for their friends and family very personal.  Their engagement session was at Harkness Park and this wedding day portrait was taken at the Mystic Seaport Museum.  Here is a link to view more.

CT Wedding Photographer

Talk about unique weddings!  This one was last weekend in Willmantic CT.  I include it here as it was a moment that surprised me and their guests.  Caroline and Kevin nailed it with a pop-up drumline who escorted them and their guests from the Kerri Gallery (where they were married) to the reception at 750 Main, Cafemantic’s event site.  It stopped traffic, created plenty of cheers and car horns were honking!  Quite a fun celebratory march.  I believe this couple played in the UCONN marching band so the drumline was a perfect addition to the evening!

That wraps up my End of Year Review.  By the way, if you are thinking about your ‘word’ for 2017  here is a link to a word list to inspire you.  It is from Christine Kane, a business Coach, who I heard about through a friend who has worked with her.  Just click this link and you will find a pdf download with the info about choosing your word of the year!  Have fun with it and I hope you create a wonderful new year for yourselves!


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