Indianapolis – A beautiful city.

I recently had the opportunity to visit Indianapolis, IN.  I had no time to do any research or to develop any ideas of what the city was like before visiting.  I was very happily surprised at what I found to be a beautiful city – small and very easy to walk to everything.  There are beautiful monuments, old historic buildings and parks, tons of business and but places to relax outdoors with wonderful breweries and restaurants.  Here are a few photos that I was able to make while I working in Indianapolis for a few days.

Travel Photography, Indianapolis, IN, Kim Bova Photography

The center of Indianapolis! The Soldiers and Sailors War memorial. It reminds me of Europe. This was view from my hotel room. It’s a long exposure to capture the car lights and give an idea of the street life at night. I never went up to the top but I hear there is a great view.

Indianapolis, IN, Travel Photography, Kim Bova Photography

An example of the historic architecture.

Indianapolis, IN

A view of the city skyline.

Indianapolis, IN-1

Lots of museums and a nice place to walk and enjoy the canal and adjoining park.

Indianapolis, Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

Another view of the canal area, a place to chill. There was a band playing at one of the restaurants and lots of dancing and fun going on.

Kim Bova Photography, Travel Photography

A view of the Indiana World War Memorial.

Kim Bova Photography. Landscape, Travel Photography

A view from the top of the World War Memorial.

Indianapolis, IN, Kim Bova Photography, Horse and Buggy

Rides in carriages in the center of town at the Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial.

Kim Bova Photography, Indianapolis

Old and New juxtaposition. I found it so interesting.  This is the post office in the foreground.


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