An Amazing Love Story!

An amazing Love Story, Kim Bova Photography


We all adore love stories, don’t we?  Here is an amazing one  –  a story of love found and lost, and found again. Two people who were meant to be together are now back together. This is Dawn and Dale, two extraordinary people who fell madly in love with each other when they were teens.  They lost each other in Nebraska, due to life circumstances in the days before cell phones and internet, but a few years ago, they found each other! They both had been married and divorced, but, they immediately realized that their true love was as strong as ever and happily they reunited here in Connecticut.  Now, they can spend the rest of their lives together.

I had the honor of photographing their wedding at The Lake View Restaurant on Coventry Lake in Coventry, CT.  They were married in the company of close family and friends wearing their native american style clothing in a beautiful ceremony that honored their past and present.  They both have native american heritage in them, by the way.  It was an incredible day and now their amazing love story can continue.  I wish them all the best!

An Amazing Love Story, Kim Bova Photography

A portrait of Dawn’s family. Dawn’s dress was made in the Osage way by a Native American woman.  Her family has Osage blood from her mother’s side. Dawns daughter is wearing authentic historical top hat and suit from London- quite fantastic outfits!


This Dale’s neck piece, a white wolf head carved from buffalo bone by a tribe of Native Americans.  White Wolf is important to Dawn and Dale, they both saw him in dreams and meditative states over their years apart.  The other necklace was made by a woman of the Mi’kmaq tribe in Canada and given to Dale as a gift from Dawn.  It has a wolf claw on it that was harvested from wolves that died naturally.  The Mi’kmaq do not harm wolves.  Dale has Mi’kmaq blood in him.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Simply incredible cupcakes by Becker’s Catering, Tolland, CT.  I hear everyone still is talking about them!

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Dale collected items from Nebraska for the wedding table, the last place they had been together long ago.  It contains buffalo hair gathered from buffalo that were shedding out in the Spring.  There is also buffalo and wolf hair in the basket that was gathered the same way – plus, rocks and other mementos from their farm they had been living on together back then.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Here is Dawn’s bouquet made with feathers and buffalo hair.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Reading their vows in the company of family and friends.

An amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Finally, husband and wife!

AN amazing love story, Kim Bova Photography

Congratulations to these two beautiful people!   Coventry Lake, CT



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