High School Senior Photography Ideas

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High School Senior Photography Ideas start with who you are.  Knowing what you like and want to capture in photographs is the most important part.  If you have a photographer in mind, meet with them and find out if you “click” so that you feel comfortable being yourself and you feel they understand what you are looking for.  Be prepared to share your interests, hobbies, style and passions.

I feel that being a high school senior is an exciting time when you are about to launch into the world and those changes that will take place in the next few years will leave behind who you are now.  It is a great moment so capture it in photos!

Here is an example of a photo session I did this fall with a high school senior from Ellington, CT.  We did some urban and country settings for her shoot and included her talent as a basketball player as well.  Take a look and check back soon as I have other high school senior shoots from this year to share with you!

Kim Bova Photography

Stone buildings reflect light in a beautiful way that is very flattering.

Kim Bova Photography

Talents and Interests are great to capture.

Fields and sunlight highlight this seniors love of nature.

Kim Bova Photography

I love showing of the individual style of my seniors in natural way.

Natural Style in High School Senior PhotographyNatural Style in High School Senior Photography

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