Gratitude – Notes from a Wedding Photographer.

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Gratitude.  How often do we all practice it?  I realize I don’t practice it enough.  What is enough is a personal thing, so I have decided that a daily practice would be awesome for me.  When I do this, it changes things.  I tend to forget when my attention is consumed during a busy day, but I am working toward a daily habit of gratitude.

Wedding by Kim Bova Photography

Wedding photography has become my business since Peter and I have been married, and as I meet with engaged couples, it triggers the memory of how exciting it was during our engagement to be planning a life together.  Today, it happens to be my own wedding anniversary, so I took time to pause and say thank you to, and thank you for my wonderful husband and the life we have created together.  So, the point, you ask?  To me, practicing gratitude seems to put things into new perspectives.  Life is what it is.  Take the good, the bad and all of it seems to be there for a purpose.  Being grateful for ALL of it, can be a way to view it in a perspective that is helpful.  Realizing how good our lives are (even if there is something you would not like to be experiencing, or dealing with right now), looking at it with gratitude allows a new perspective to appear.  It might shine light on what is ‘really’ happening, or something that you are supposed to learn.  The benefit?  If there is something you don’t like, figure out how you can change it.  I do believe practicing Gratitude can change your life.

Peter and I have been married 32 years and the vision we had on our wedding day really has not changed that much.  We have had so many incredible adventures together.  We never thought we would live in New York, California, Louisiana and Connecticut, but we knew we wanted each other, amazing friends, to raise a happy family and also find passion in our work.  Yes, we had our difficulties and struggles, but I am grateful for those struggles, too, because it has made us learn, become better people, create a solid marriage and has given us life lessons to pass on to our sons.

I meet with wedding couples on a regular basis and photograph weddings and engagement sessions.  I think about what an incredible life these couples have ahead of them.  The adventure is all about growing together and growing as individuals at the same time.  It is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, hard work and serendipity!  Dream big and enjoy the ride.

If your are interested in reading more about how Gratitude can change your life, even in one minute a day, I highly recommend this post from “Zen Habits- read this!

Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.


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