Family Portraits: Why It Might Be the Best Gift You Give Yourself.

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Family Portraits: Why It Might Be The Best Gift You Give Yourself – AND your family.

Family Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

Here are some reasons.
1) Create a photographic family history in print.

This is valuable for kids to see themselves in photos, and to look back to see grandparents and others that are not here anymore.  Family portraits give them a sense of where they came from.  Even if you have not made many family portraits of yourselves, it is never too late.  Your kids will thank you for it and probably will continue to document their lives for future generations.  I love looking at old photos of my grandfather –  he died when I was five year old.  I remember the feeling of sitting next to him and combing his hair, but I know the memory of his face faded as I grew.  As I grew up, I could look at the photographs of him to remember and now, showing them to my children is priceless!  I will never forget what he looked like and my kids see where I came from.

Family Portraits, Kim Bova Photography


2) You will have beautiful family portraits on the walls of your home to enjoy for years to come.

If you have kids you know they grow fast and leave home before you know it.  The best thing I did when both my boys graduated from High School and left home was to photograph them senior year, then print and frame large photos of them for our walls.   It felt great to see these prints when the boys were far away for the first time!  One family print framed on your wall will do the same thing.  (I have one on my wall too, and I love it!)


3) You will never look as good as you do right now.

We all wish we could look as good as we did when we were 25.  But we don’t and you need not let let that stop you from making a family portrait – you won’t regret it.


4) At Holiday time, your cards are done already, plus you have gifts for family.

Less stress is what we all want.  You will have less to worry about at the most stressful time of year.

Mother's & Father's Day Portraits, Kim Bova Photography

Grandfather with granddaughter. This family will appreciate this print for a long time!

I hope this will inspire you to find a professional photographer to make family portraits this summer.  I hope you will choose me, but if not, please choose a professional who will help you feel comfortable, and simply make it happen!  You won’t be sorry you did but, you may feel sorry years from now IF you don’t.

Remember, a family portrait this summer might be the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

Stay tuned for my next blog post that talks about the way I photograph families with kids.

Thanks for reading my blog today.  Please share this if you know someone who would enjoy it.  Have a great day.

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