Choosing your wedding dress.

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Choosing your wedding dress is such an exciting part of the wedding planning.  These days, there is room for individuality depending on your culture, taste and the style of your wedding day plans.

Wedding dresses are based on traditions, culture and current trends.  If you took a look at the history of the wedding dress  you will see that white was not always the choice.  It was not until Queen Victoria in the 19th Century that a white wedding dress became popular.  Before that, bride chose a dress that was her best Sunday dress, or something that showed off their family standing.  Eastern Brides chose red!

I have noticed that lately, most of my brides choose white, however, I did do a wedding many years ago  for another studio where the bride wore a crimson gown.  It was pretty cool!  Mixing up styles like boots of a different color, grooms losing the jacket and wearing a cool vest and tie have been a trend, more hip and unique.

I have not seen a red wedding dress lately… and mostly traditional ones worn by my brides.  Here are some of my favorites from the last few years!

Kim Bova Photography, Wedding Dress

A simple style for a summer backyard wedding!  I loved this design, plus the shoes coordinate with groom.

Wedding Dress, Kim Bova Photography

Ruffles and beads!

Wedding Dress, Kim Bova Photography

Traditional Elegance.

I wore a Victorian White for my wedding.. that is actually an undergarment made lace and sometimes satin.  I had it restored and a seamstress made a lovely satin slip that I wore under it.. Those were film days for my wedding so I don’t have photo to share of it here.  I took a look at it last year in its box, it has not deteriorated yet!  But I dared not try it on.  Maybe I will some day.  I have two boys, not much hope that anyone else will use it.  It was sure fun to wear though for a August outdoor garden wedding.

I hope you enjoyed this post… and do share what you might be thinking of for your wedding dress!

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