Baby Birds at My Door.

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Baby Birds at my door!

All three are awake!

Baby Birds at my door – it all started early this spring with mom making the nest and raising her babies.  They are Eastern Phoebe’s and apparently the top of the lamp next to our back door is a safe place to raise a family.  Well, who would have thought our coming and going in and out the door would not bother her or her babies.  I decided to grab some photos today before they leave the nest!  Mama bird was fairly tolerant of me getting extremely close with a macro lens.  However,  she did flutter like mad all around and over my head until I left.  I had to work quickly and  it only took a couple of minutes.  I made sure to set up and get my light reading and settings worked out before hand so I would not linger there for too long.  I was so excited that I could hardly focus at first!   There is nothing like being this close to a baby bird, and what a lovely experience to witness this amazing process from beginning to end.

Do you have a spring nesting bird experience?  Do share!

Nesting Eastern Phoebe Mother

Close up of the most alert Phoebe chick!

Nesting Eastern Phoebe Mother, Kim Bova Photography

All cosy and tucked in tight.. just a few more days before they leave the nest!

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