Mother Nature on Mother’s Day

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Mother Nature on Mother’s Day!

I am sharing a couple of photos I took of flowers called Bleeding Hearts that are blooming in my garden this week.  Amazing how they look like hearts ‘opening’ rather than bleeding. Mother nature is amazing how created a flower like this – mother nature reminds us to open our hearts.  These flowers represent the feeling I have in my heart today, Mother’s Day.

I lost my mom to dementia quite a few years ago.  However, I had a mother in law who eased the pain of that loss until she died of old age a few years back.  My life as a mother has been guided by these two extraordinary women.  So, what can we all learn from mother nature on mother’s day?  Let your heart open.  My heart opens whenever I think about them.  Enjoy your day fellow Mothers!
Mother Nature on Mother's Day, Kim Bova Photography

Mother Nature on Mother's Day

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