How to Find the Best Wedding Photographer for You.

So you just got engaged and you have your venue and wedding date set. Congratulations! Now it is time to find a Photographer. Read on for 3 simple steps on how to find the best wedding photographer for you.

3 steps to find the best wedding photographer for you, Kim Bova Photography

Image by Kim Bova

1) You must LOVE THEIR WORK.  If you don’t have a recommendation already from friends or family, do a Google search for “Best Wedding Photographers” in your area.  Look at the work and find the ones whose images you fall in love with.  Most professional photographers show the images they love to create because they want to attract couples who appreciate their vision as well.

2) Now, CALL THEM.  Chat and ask questions.  Share your ideas.  Do YOU feel comfortable with this photographer?  You will probably know in your first conversation with them.  Make sure you have a list of questions for them so you find out everything you want to know.  Plus, are they easy to talk to?  Do they understand what you are looking for?  You will know or FEEL this right away if you “click” during this important phone call.  Most professional photographers, including myself, are looking for the clients who are the right fit personally for them as well.  Then, discuss price with them, at least get a ballpark figure if your plans are not set in stone yet.  Most photographers will send you a list of options for review.

3) SCHEDULE A MEETING.  Meet in person or on Skype with those photographers that are in your price ballpark and you had a great feeling about.  A personal meeting gives you a chance to see how it feels to be with this person, to look closer at their price list/contract, products like albums and prints, etc.  Bear in mind, some photographers will be flexible, and/or negotiate with you as every couple and wedding is unique.  Don’t be afraid to ask if they will do this for you if you love their work that much!  I will negotiate with a couple if we both feel we can work together.  If not, I will refer you to other professionals that I know.

I hope this was helpful to those looking for a wedding photographer.  I would love to talk to you about your wedding photography if you love the work you see on this sight.  But, who ever you choose,  make sure your love their work, you know you can work together well,  and they are professional.  Then, you will find the right wedding photographer for you.  Your day only happens once and you want to capture it all beautifully!

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