Photographing Pretty Details – That’s why I am a Wedding Photographer!

I love photographing pretty details at a wedding, the rings, shoes, jewelry.  It is part of my job as a wedding photographer to do this and do it well.  My clients put a lot of time and thought into the details.   So on these cold snowy winter days, I find time to practice these things.  This is the wedding photographers time to regroup and plan for the coming season.

Photographing Pretty Details, CT Wedding Photographer Kim Bova

Our precious ‘Uninhabited Planet’ by Josh Simpson.

Well, I went to my living room shelf and found,  besides way too much dust, my favorite ‘world’.  We, my hubby and I, have been given some wonderful gifts, some precious, some meaningful, and extraordinary.  ‘Works of art’ kind of gifts!  This work of art you see above, is delicate yet created from fire.  It was crafted by Josh Simpson, a remarkable glass artist who creates ‘Worlds” and ‘Uninhabited Planets’ out of glass like you see here.  This particular piece was given to my husband and I on our wedding day by a dear friend.  They both actually knew Josh and went to the same college as he, but they were not more than acquaintances, so I am told.   I find this work extraordinary!  Each side is filled with intricate details, colors and shapes.  I have no idea how Josh Simpson does this.. but I am happy he figured it out.   In fact, on his website he is looking for people who will plant these ‘Planets’ in places where future humans will find them years from now.  How cool, eh?  Maybe I will apply….

Let me know what you think and for you photo geeks, here are the details on the image:

I pretended to act as though I was arriving at a wedding and was about to photograph the brides details, rings, shoes, dress, etc.  This ‘Uninhabited Planet is less than 2 inches round.  It fits nicely in the hand, my hands are very small, and I wanted to photograph it in natural light just as I would a brides details on her wedding day.  I found a neutral background and window and a table.  Set a high ISO of 2400, got out my new amazing Nikon D4s, and my old 28-70 zoom.  Hand held it at 1/50th sec. at f8.  held my breath, leaned into my knees and there ya go!  I will use a macro next time… but I decide to set parameters for myself when I practice.  I had no flash, no other lens, no tripod, etc. etc. Crazy, but I like practice with limited parameters to follow.  I find it challenging and helpful.  Plus I am learning my new camera.  I love it this new Nikon.  Plus, I have been long time Aperture user, and now there is no more Aperture, so I am also learning Lightroom.

Lots of exciting things here at the studio!

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  1. Dad
    February 05, 2015

    I may be a little bit prejudiced, but I think it’s beautifully done! keep it up!
    Love, Me.

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