Creativity – a few thoughts.

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Creativity is something that amazes me.  Where does it come from, what is it – do we all possess it?  I am a photographer, but spent years being a musician.  These are creative pursuits and I never really thought much about how creativity worked.  It just was.  We all create tons of stuff every day, every hour, maybe non stop!

One thing is sure in my mind,  it is not a button that I can turn on and off.  Except, sometimes it does feel like the switch is off.  What happens then?  Especially under stress, pressure or when just too tired to care, can you turn it on again?  Perhaps it is a state of being and creativity comes when you listen to yourself.  If that is the case, maybe we should listen more of the time, especially if our job demands it.  What about that voice in your head that says “But it won’t be good enough” or, “I don’t have time” or,  “They won’t like it”.  Arg – real creativity killer!  Giving up is not a good thing for creativity.

When I “TRY” to be creative… I am not.  I cannot force it.  Creativity comes to me  many times by inspiration in the moment.  Maybe creativity IS inspiration.  Think back to when you are doing something – anything- and in the moment something happens or an idea pops in your head and boom — you are inspired!  It comes in a splash, a jolt of energy.  It overcomes you and you act on it.  This happens at weddings for me.  I know exactly what will happen on any given wedding day, as I plan so much of it with my couples.  But there are all the other cool things that each unique couple and family bring to the day… special moments that just happen when so much is going on.  So in this case, I am not thinking but, feeling my way through the day and my awareness is watching, just waiting for that special something.  Is this creativity? Or just being ready?   Maybe it is trusting that the creative spark will come and we have to be ready to take action when it does comes.  On the other hand, perhaps we don’t always recognize it when it does come.  It may need be ‘worked’ or ‘massaged’.  Giving it the time it needs time to brew – like working through a problem until you find the solution.

Being open to the possibilities in the moment and letting that spark of inspiration come in and then, doing something is crucial I think.  As I continue moving forward in my creative work, my intention is to explore and “max out”my own creativity in my life.  I will do my best to not be afraid to just ‘do’.  Experiment.  Explore.  Play.  Or, just try something.  Why not?  The photo above was one that I made one day in the spring when my Cornflowers were in bloom.  I was just playing in the studio.  Not sure what I will do with it… but the process was more important to me that day than the outcome.

Working it.  Listening to oneself.  Not giving up too soon.  Having confidence in your self.  I think these contribute to our creativity.

I would love to know what you think.  How does creativity or inspiration impact your life or work?  Where do you think it comes from?  What was the last most creative think you did?  Did it surprise you?  Please share.

Thanks for reading.


PS:  For another perspective on Creativity check out this article by James Clear.

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