Family Portraits and Professional Photographers

Professional Photographers need Family Portraits, too.

Professional Photographers personal family portraits often take a backseat to client work.  Besides the fact, that in our home, our sons are grown up and out of the house, I take many photos of other peoples families and sometimes I just don’t think or take the time to photograph my own family portraits.

On a walk in the woods yesterday with my husband Peter, on Father’s Day, I brought along my camera with the sole purpose of capturing some beautiful landscape photos or what ever I came upon.  Well, we came to Diana’s Pool, a beautiful spot in Chaplin, CT in the NE woods near where I live and had such a nice time there we had to get a photo of ourselves.  There were plenty of rocks and a waterfall so I found a fairly flat rock to prop the camera on and proceeded to take a few shots with the self-timer.  I was a little nervous about the camera falling, but managed to do it without any disasters!  This photo is a little out of focus but, for me… I love it!  It is RARE to get a portrait of us both out doing something fun.  So I will continue to hone my self-timer skills and photograph more of us together where ever we happen to be enjoying ourselves.  A promise to self!  Maybe next time my boys are home we can get another family portrait all together.

How can I help you with family portraits?

Now if you are looking for a family portrait this summer (professional photographers included), they can be taken just about anywhere as you can see from this photo.  This is a very casual portrait. There are so many wonderful spots in this beautiful state for portraits that I would be happy to do a casual or even more formal outdoor family portrait for your family.  I have traveled to beaches, hill tops, parks and quaint towns to make portraits for many families and couples, too.  Let me know if this is something I can help you with this summer.  These kinds of family portraits are great for your wall at home and even make great gifts and greeting cards!

Thanks for stopping in on the blog.   If you are a photographer, let me know how you handle family portraits of your family –  with YOU in the photo.

Family Portraits, Diana's Pool, Chaplin, CT

Just the Two of us!

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