Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus, UCONN.

I loved photographing this gorgeous couple’s Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN.   The UCONN campus is a park, a botanical garden, full of new and old architecture and a working farm!  So many photographic opportunities here, especially in the spring.  The trees were in full bloom, the grass was finally green and the skies cleared for us that day!

Good light can be found anywhere.

The trick is finding it with interesting backgrounds.  UCONN’s Storrs campus is great for this as well.  On this day we photographed between 4:30 -6:30 pm.  The light was soft due to some fine clouds which diffused the sun, and the quality of light was warm because the sun was low in the afternoon sky.  This helps to create pleasing skin tones and I can get ‘catch lights’ in the eyes.  Open skies (not too many big trees or buildings to block the light) is important as well.  I had good light reflecting on the faces.  No flash or reflectors were used here, I just found some good open or directional light.  The last photo is back-lit as the sun was very low.  I wanted to create a rim of light on their faces.

Good locations are important for an Engagement Session.

I prefer locations that have variety.  Natural and man made spaces give plenty of variety and structure for composition, posing and finding overhangs of all kind to pose people in.  Photographing an Engagement Session on the Storrs Campus at UCONN has this variety and is the reason I love it so much.

Meet Munzareen and Ashrafur.

They met here on the Storrs Campus at UCONN and will be married next month.  I will not be photographing their marriage as they are going home to Bangladesh to be with their families.  I am so happy I had the opportunity to photograph them here in Connecticut.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.  I hope you enjoy them.

Congratulations to Munzareen and Ashrafur on your engagement and up coming wedding!

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  1. Sandra S.
    May 24, 2014

    Beautiful photos, Kim – Your work is amazing!

  2. Kim Bova
    May 24, 2014

    Thanks, Sandra for your comment and I do appreciate your visit to my blog. Stop in again!

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