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It is important to have good photography for business websites that clearly represents you, your business and what you do for your clients.  Does your business website need spring cleaning?  How about taking a good look at the photography for your business website?  You may find that some fresh new photos of you, your staff, the office or store would help flow new life into the site.   It does not matter if you are a home based business, or a storefront.    I have been commissioned by musicians, Heating and Cooling companies, Electricians and Consultants to update images on their business websites.   I photograph the owners, their employees and their business in action.  Quality photography for business websites is important when you are selling a product or a service.  I am sure you have visited some sites where you landed on the homepage and found the blurry or poor quality images.  First impressions are everything, you can have good photos by hiring a professional.

What you put out there matters.  Professional looking websites have great photography on them.  So hire a professional for a couple of hours on a day when your staff is prepped and well dressed, or you have something planned that you would like to highlight.  Some good things to document are: head shots of each employee, employees doing their normal work routines, a special project or group photos.  By giving the potential client a good idea of the who- what- where and why you do it, it will encourage clients to call or visit your place of business or at least give an impression that you are professional and pay attention to detail by what they see on your business website.  Also an added perk,  these professional photos can be used for your newsletters, presentations and any printed advertising you normally do.

Call me or a professional photographer in your area to set up an appointment to discuss the photography for your business website.  I try to meet my business clients at their shop or office, learn as much as I can about what they do, and then together we create a plan that will best represent them.

Spring is a great time to update and refresh your website with new beautiful images.  Call me now!  860-230-8828.

Here are a few examples of the photography work I have done for business in Connecticut.

Here is  Energy Unlimited of Manchester, CT – their trucks and crew.  Their website is  here.

CT Business, Kim Bova Photography

This is the office of Tim Ackert of Ackert Electric in Coventry, CT.  It shows what a meeting with a client might look like.

Ackert Electric


This is a head shot of a local actor, Wayne Trembley, for his promotional materials and social media and web presence.professional Head shot, Actor, Kim Bova Photography


And CT musician, educator and performer, Bob Bloom for his website and promotional materials.

Bob Bloom, Drummer, Drumming for You, Kim Bova PhotographyI spent a morning with ACT Associates of Mansfield, CT.  Here is one of the partners, Denette Anthony.  I photographed them in the office and out doors where we found some beautiful light.

ACT Associates, Kim Bova Photography

ACT Associates, Kim Bova Photography


  1. Leslie
    April 11, 2014

    I wish I could get all of my clients to understand the value of really good photos. With the way website are evolving, the visual component is more important than ever. Web designers need big, meaningful images that are truly worth a thousand words. The business owners you’ve photographed are very fortunate to have such high-quality images–to me that says something about the owner, and of course, your skill.

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