Hiring a Professional Photographer.

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Hiring a professional photographer for your head shot is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Just about everyone has a camera these days, and many people are taking their own photos.  That is great, but when it comes to  business portraits it should look professional.  Consider hiring a professional photographer.  Take a look on LinkedIn or Facebook, there is a range of quality, and some people don’t even have an image.  Why?  Probably because they don’t have one they love.  Do you?

We all want to look our best and have a record of ourselves that shows who we really are.  This is not to say that candid images are not showing that… there is plenty of energy in those images as they capture us in moments and experiences that we treasure and want to remember.   Those are great for a personal FB page.  For a professional look, it needs to be a professional photograph.


Look at this UCONN Business Student above – we did a session last week because she is looking forward to finding work and is about to begin marketing herself when she graduates. She understands the value of a great profile image –  Professional, simple, engaging and something she can be proud of.  Hire a professional photographer for your head shot as well.

Think about this for your next head shot – replace that outdated one or the one that your partner took real quick with their phone camera.

Call me and we can take the time to create an image that you will love and that represents who you are right now.  It doesn’t take long to make a professional head shot, it requires just a little planning… and it doesn’t hurt a bit!

One last thing… Mother and Father’s Day are coming up… May 11 and June 15th respectively.  If you call now to set up a head shot with me, I will give you one free print for your Mom or Dad’s day gift.  I guarantee they will love it!

Call now. 860-230-8828.Thank you for reading by my blog.  Feel free to leave me a message so I know you were here!

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