Dog Portraiture at Kim Bova Photography!

My Dog Day mini-session day was a blast!  It was fun and challenging.  My goal for dog photography is not that much different then when I am photographing humans.   I want to capture each dog’s personality in a photograph that their ‘people’ will love, even after their ‘best friend’ is gone.

Dog Portraiture is a patience building exercise.  Never move too fast, don’t overwhelm the dog with too much action, treats or noises.  I learned that I can make some really high pitch sounds that perhaps only dogs hear.  For some dogs, boredom can set in fast, so I had to grab attention with surprising sounds to keep them engaged.  With patience, I was able to get some nice portraits of these beloved pets for their families to enjoy.

Thank you to all the folks who brought their best dog friends to the studio to be photographed for my special DOG DAY and to support the local animal shelter.  And shout out to Stephanie, my assistant, who helped me lure, engage and get some fun photos of these lovely pets.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.

Meet Jake.  This dog has tons of energy, and there is much wisdom in his eyes.

Dog Portraits by Kim Bova Photography

Nemo Dog

This is Jake.  A lovely Golden Retriever whose owner groomed him beautifully before his session!

Dog Portraits, Kim Bova Photography Dog PortraitsSam is a really cool Boxer.  Love that eye contact!  That is what my crazy noises can do!  When a treat is offered, he was in good form, too!.

Dog Portraits, Portrait Photographer Dog Portraits, Kim Bova PhotographyAnd last but not least, meet the very sweet Katie!  She did not enjoy my studio strobes but, she managed to smile for me anyway!  I just loved her ears, always one up and one down.


Dog Portraits in CT

Thank you all!  I will keep you posted on the next Dog Day that I will have at the studio!  Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter (at the bottom of the page), so you can be the first to hear about these kind of special sessions!

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