Wedding Color Trends for 2014!

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Color Trends-Deep Blues and Yellows for 2014


Wedding Trends for this year, 2014 are among my favorites!  This year the popular wedding colors include blues of all kinds, deep purples mixed with warmer tones – from red, orange to pinks.  So far, some of my 2014 brides are incorporating  orange and reds for the fall; shades of green and ivory for spring; and cool blue-violet mixed with whites for summer!  I love those pastels when it is blazing hot!

I think color choices set a mood and tone for any event.  If you are a dramatic personality – hot colors may be your thing.  Romantic and understated, pastels and lace may be perfect! I think it actually depends on who you are, what you love and what time of year you decide to get married.

What colors have you picked for your wedding day and why did you choose them?  Please share by leaving a comment!

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