Dog Portraits in Connecticut.

I have recently begun doing dog portraits.  I find that my clients love their dogs and usually include them with the family portrait.  But how special to do a portrait of the dog alone.

Do you have a beloved pet that is part of your family?  I grew up with cats, turtles, goldfish, and a parakeet named Ricky.  When my two boys were very young we got a dog named Roxy – a standard poodle – who changed all of our lives.  Really.

Here are just a few of the ways she did this:

  • She taught my boys not to fight but to make peace with each other and she would bark in their faces until they stopped; and to know the joy of taking care and being responsible for another being who depends on you.
  • She taught me how to be a pack leader, firm and loving.
  • She taught us greater awareness of unconditional love and devotion in action.  She would wait by the window or door until we returned home.  She offered her protection to us if she felt we were in danger, plus many more gifts of love.

Roxy was with us for close to 11 years.  Her portrait adorns our entryway in our home so we still see her every day.  We are thankful to have many wonderful photos to remember our time with her.

I would love to create photos of your pet that you love.  I am offering a special DOG DAY PORTRAIT EVENT at the studio on Saturday, March 22 from 9-5.  It will be a charity event to help raise funds for our local Animal Shelter volunteer group called Friends of Mansfield Animal Shelter, a non-profit organization who help find good homes for the animals.  I will officially announce this on my blog next week and on my ‘new’ events page on my website.  Check back in a couple of days when that page goes live!

Here is the photo of Roxy that hangs in our home.

Thanks for reading my blog. 🙂

Pet Portrait, Kim Bova Photography, CT



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