Hummingbirds and CT Wedding Photography

I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays, made it through, or simply got some rest!  I hibernated a bit, had a great time with family and friends including many interesting conversations.  I would like to share one with you.  One night we shared ideas on personal Totems for each other… sometimes called Spirit Animals or  Totems that American Indians and other world peoples have adopted in their spiritual lives.

I always thought I related to the Wolf as a totem… as I have had many dreams in recent years with Wolves showing up.  Perhaps it is just one Spirit Animal that I have needed in various times in my life, being a mother/pack leader for example.  But, my son mentioned that he thought the Hummingbird Totem was perfect for me, and everyone agreed.  Well, I was skeptical, but I do love those little birds, even have a Hummy Bird Feeder outside my window, plus a clock in my dining room with a hummingbird on it that my family gave to me.  I looked up info on the Hummingbird Totem and sure enough it does describe many of my attributes.  Perhaps, sometimes it takes a reflection back from others to see another side of yourself.

So why do I bother to write a blog post on this?  Well, just for fun really and to share the idea of animal totems which I find interesting.  However, I find it just so cool that others will see you as you are and sometimes we just miss it ourselves.  Probably because it ‘just is’ for us.  We live in it and maybe we don’t notice.  But others ‘observe it‘ in us.  Perhaps it is valuable to reflect on those things that only others can show you?  Who knows – but I find that they are interesting insights.

I know that Wedding Photography is the perfect job for me and I have been able to give my clients what they want and then some.  Many people (including other photographers who will not do wedding photography) have asked me “How can you stand doing weddings?!!  It is tiring, crazy hard work and you run around like mad all day dealing with chaos, etc, etc!”.  Well, I just discovered another reason why it suits me.  Like a Hummingbird, I have a lot of energy.  I am small, light and fast.  I love looking out for everything happening around me and finding the best stuff to photograph, plus anticipating what will come next.  The chaos does not bother me, I just observe it, work around it and do what I need to do.  Just love it.  It is fun when others see something in you and then you discover another ‘why’ your work feels so right.

If you are interested in learning more about your Spirit Animal, or Animal Totem… here is a website to look at just for fun.  Animal Totems

Let me know if you discover something new about yourself or if you have an Ah-ha moment.  Have fun.  Happy New Year!

Hummingbirds and Wedding Photography

My Hummingbird Clock. Excuse the dust!


  1. Marcia
    January 07, 2014

    Kim, hummingbird is a perfect image for your totem! And, as Bobbie Burns said, “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as ithers see us!” XOXO

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