Wedding Tips for Interviewing a Photographer.

Hello!  I have been meeting with many brides for the 2014 Wedding Season lately, and I wanted to share some things with you if you are looking for a photographer for your CT wedding.  It is important that your research and interviews go smoothly and that you find the ‘right for you’ vendors for your wedding day.

1) Prioritize what is super important to you first.  Is it the dress or flowers?   The venue or food?  Or is it the photography?  Let’s assume you are making the venue and the photography a major priority and that they are the most important things to find first.  This seems to be the case with a majority of my brides and grooms.

(note: most of my brides contract a venue and date first, but I have many brides who CALL ME first and ask me when I am available.  I love that!)

So, once you have a date set, I would suggest that you start looking for a professional photographer.  Why professional?  I have spoken to many unhappy couples who did not hire a professional in order to save money and they were very sorry later.  I won’t go in to the many horror stories as I am sure you have seen many online.  To put it simply – if you want photographs of you, of your loved ones, extended family and friends, and also have an album of photographs that will stand the test of time and to hand down to your children and grandchildren as your first family heirloom – hire a professional to capture the day.  You will be sure to have photographs that you will love.

2) Research professional photographers in your area.  There probably are many, so ask others who have been married recently who they recommend.  Or maybe you remember a wedding you went to recently, so ask the bride or groom if they were happy with their photographer.  First hand experience is the very best.  But do go online as well… look at the images on their websites.  You want to fall in love with the imagery.  Then inquire about pricing either by email or phone, narrow your search and then reach out to the ones that you love.

[resource: and many other sites offer vendor lists, reviews, website links and and even FREE tools for your wedding planning.  Check it out!]

3) Meet many photographers – at least 3.  Spend time on the phone or go ahead and set up a meeting in person.  Bring a list of questions that you have for them so you don’t forget what you wanted to know.   Here are some things to find out:

How long they have been in business, their experience,  how they operate on the wedding day, if they do engagement sessions, guestbooks, albums, etc.  How will they show you the images after the wedding day?  How long will it take to see your images or get your album, etc.   Ask about equipment backup and payment/contract policies.  Ask to see some full weddings that they have done and see what you think.  Stay present and ask questions.

If your intuition tells you something, listen to it… good or bad.  Then you will know when you find the right photographer for you.   It should ‘feel’ right when you are with this person.  You want to LOVE their work and trust them.  Any professional with experience will not hesitate to say ‘no’ to you if they think they cannot fulfill your needs.  It is a relationship, and remember that this photographer will be with you ALL day long and you will not see the images until after the wedding day, so you need to feel like you trust and like them.  This will make your day go smoothly with less stress.

4)  Sign a contract.  Please do this and read it thoroughly.  All pro’s have contracts.  They may vary, but this makes sure you are both clear about the time, date and all the details & responsibilities you both have, including payment.

5) Communicate.  Once you have booked a photographer, stay in touch with them.  Let them know important things, like contact info for venue managers or planners, other vendors you choose.  Any family issues that are important regarding the formal portraits.   A good professional will probably collect this information well before your wedding day.. but never hesitate to call your photographer and inform them of any changes or whatever you think is important.  Give them a list of important people who you want in your wedding day photos.

6) Engagement sessions are great.  Do one with your photographer.  Most pro’s do them because it will help both of you to get to know each other photographically.  It is fun, too!  Plus you get great photos.  Some photographers include these sessions complimentary and others charge extra for this.

7) Carry the phone number of your photographer and any assistants with you in your phone on the wedding day and also with the maid of honor or best man.  In case of emergency, (your make up is running late, etc) it is very helpful to you and your photographer so everyone is on the same page.


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I hope this was helpful to you if you are a newly engaged person or if you think you may be soon!  Either way, please leave a comment to let me know.  Thank you.

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