Giving thanks for “down time”.

Everyone needs a break and I am so grateful for holidays.  The fall has been hectic and fun, work has been really exciting.. but it takes a toll on this CT Wedding photographer!  By this time of year I am ready for a break!

As I celebrated Thanksgiving with my amazing family, I came to appreciate what ‘down time’ means to me.  If we keep pushing the limits and become focused on the job constantly, there is no time for perspective shifts, or the time for resting the mind from its busy work.  Cooking for others and engaging in another creative process can free the mind, relax it and allow new ideas to flow in.

I cooked like crazy…which was really fun because I only cook like this once a year!  A turkey AND a ham.. lots of accompaniments and desserts; visited with my family; spoke on the phone with far away relatives and friends, shared experiences and stories, reminisced and laughed a lot!  It was a refreshing break from my usual routine – AND I had a great time.

Then earlier today, when I sat down to go over some layouts and designs for client albums that I had been struggling with earlier this week – it all came together easily.  Ahh… I found the solutions I needed and looked at it with new eyes.

**My wish for you is that you will set time aside for relaxation and other creative activities this weekend or anytime you can,  so you can get back to what you love with renewed energy and inspiration.**

Here is my finished Thanksgiving turkey that turned out to be the most tender and delicious one I have made yet!  I tried something new – the Cheesecloth method by Martha Stewart.   I may do it again at Christmas!  It is easy – check it out here.

Thankful in CT

My Thanksgiving Turkey


  1. Leslie
    December 02, 2013

    I have to give you credit for following all Martha’s instructions. I also can’t help but notice how much nicer the photo of your turkey is compared to Martha’s.

  2. Kim Bova
    December 02, 2013

    Thank you, Leslie! I find that it really helps to follow all the instructions when trying a new recipe – then you can tweak it next time. Ha! Should I send Martha Stewart the image?

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