Tips for Great Wedding Photos – Part 3

How can you be sure YOU will have a great time at your wedding reception?  The best way is to hire a good team.  A good party takes experience and skill to pull off.  A venue with experienced managers and a great band or DJ is key.  As a photographer, I work closely that day with the reception manager and/or DJ.  Make sure who you choose is experienced at weddings, as there is much going on.   This person is in charge of the timing of the entrances, dances and events of all kinds during the reception.  Your DJ or band leader must know how to throw a great party!  I have witnessed countless receptions where the DJ or bandleader takes charge of the room and creates a great time.  One person I have loved working with is Matty B who is a one man live band and DJ.  He is an exceptional wedding pro and throws a great party, plays sax, guitar and sings beautifully, as well.  He can suggest what songs to play that will make your party rock, will play your music, and knows how to handle all the events of the day.  Plus he works with the rest of us that day as a team.  Great photos of your reception events and party is a group effort.  Hire professionals so nothing will be missed and you will be very happy.

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I hope this post will help you to know what to look for in your DJ, band or reception manager for your wedding day or event.  Good luck with your party planning!  Let me know if this was helpful.  Have a great day.

New Haven, CT, Kim Bova Photography


Wedding at Amarante's Seacliff, Ballroom, Kim Bova Photography

Dancing the Night Away


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