Tips for Great Wedding Photos – Part 1.

So you would love to have great photos on your wedding day? Here are some things to bear in mind.  Usually you would be thinking about this from the start of your planning.

LOCATION is key.  A beautiful location with nice backgrounds and ambiance will help create wonderful photos on your wedding day.   Take this into consideration as you look for a venue, church and reception site.   These are the places where light is important.  Plenty of window light is helpful in creating beautiful photos of faces and all the action at the reception.  If it is a night reception or a ballroom, check out the lighting beforehand.  Low light or candlelight can be wonderful for creating mood. A good photographer can ‘make’ their own light on location if necessary.

THE SWEET LIGHT: Sunset times are very important to know when you set your date and your venue.  Two hours before sunset is the soft golden light and perfect for outdoor ceremonies & your formal portraits.  We photographers sometimes call this the sweet light.  This portrait was taken on a porch late in the afternoon in September at the Publick House in Sturbridge MA .   A good photographer can also create stunning images at anytime of the day, but if you choose to get married at 11 am, then make sure the venue has some shade nearby, or somewhere to get out of the sun so you have some options and variety in your photos.   I would choose to back-light you in direct sun and your dress would shimmer, but for details and closeups like below, softer light is best.

Kim Bova Photography

This photo below was taken with the last rays of the day at Amarante’s Seacliff in New Haven.  You can see the golden light here on their faces.

Kim Bova Photography

And here is window light at the Waterview in Monroe, CT.  I placed myself with my back to the window to capture the mood of the room, but with natural light from the window on their faces.

Kim Bova Photography, CT Wedding Photography

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