Erika and Steven are Married in Woodstock, CT!

What a weekend it was!  Erika and Steven, a couple since their high school days were married in the beautiful town of Woodstock, CT, at her church where her father is the minister!  He gave her away and married them!  They rode in a hay wagon pulled by a tractor to the reception at the ‘Pink House‘ up the road!  The cupcakes were incredible!  I cannot remember the name of the baker!  Please comment here if you know- he deserves recognition.  Each one was a work of art.  Here are some highlights!

Erika and Steven are both very talented musicians, graduates from the Dept. of Music at UConn.   Wishing you the very best in your bright future together!


  1. Peter Weimann
    June 13, 2011

    Long-time friend of Bob and Martha Beckwith … life-time resident of Woodstock … cameacross your sitecompletely by accident searching for Roseland Cottage (Pink House) information. You certainly do beautiful work … maybe our 26 year-old daughter will be so fortunate as to have a photographer of your caliber when she decides to marry … the idea of a reception at the Pink House has sentimental appeal to me!

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