Exquisite Bride, handsome groom.

Here is the last wedding I did for the 2009 season.  I photographed this wedding last week for my friend Glen at Photopros Studio.  I was very happy to work with this wonderful couple!  I love to capture the bridal portraits right after she gets dressed – she is just perfect then! DSC_7049 copy - 2009-10-31 at 14-05-50

Here is a quiet moment with her flower girl…

DSC_7059 copy - 2009-10-31 at 14-09-07

I love the images where I can get the bride and groom relaxed and natural, just enjoying their first moments together as husband and wife.

DSC_7381 copy - 2009-10-31 at 17-00-56

They were lucky to have a really cool car to drive off in!

DSC_7461 copy - 2009-10-31 at 17-11-42

Father-daughter dance… I like to have the groom in the background looking on…he is out of focus, but I did that on purpose!

DSC_7585 copy - 2009-10-31 at 18-49-00

Mother-son dance….. same thing, just the opposite!  These are special moments that only happen once…not every reception is it easy to get everyone in the right place.. but I try to tell the couple that it is important to look and be present during the parent dances.  This makes a great page-spread in their album!

DSC_7604 copy - 2009-10-31 at 18-52-45

These are just a sample of some of the things I like to capture at the weddings I photograph.  I am always thinking about what my bride and groom want, what will be important to them.. this also is why I like to get to know my couples really well before the day..

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